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Product review by Tim Rowan, Editor

The more Artificial Intelligence makes its way into home care, the more options become available to improve and fine tune services. No longer the stuff of science fiction, AI grows closer to becoming mainstream every year, even in the perennially low-tech world of in-home services.

Valerie Darling, founder and owner of Home Care Matters in Georgia, noticed that all of her clients had different needs, but all were charged the same hourly rate. She wondered if that meant they were all receiving the same type and same level of care, regardless of their individual needs. She wondered whether there might be a better way.

When Valerie met Karl Ryder, he was a home care consultant, CEO and founder of The Ryder Group, and had been actively involved in the home care industry for seven years.

Together, Darling and Ryder determined that there are three key issues challenging home care: clearly defined patient care needs, care professional skills, and agency performance. The result of their collaboration is a new kind of software tool that defied categorization.

HomeCareQuote is an AI technology designed to address all three challenges.



The core of HomeCare Quote's success is an AI-driven intake form. A client, the family, or home care staff person answers questions that describe the patient/client on five levels:

  1. insurance and out-of-pocket payment plans
  2. diagnosis and other health history
  3. available transportation: with or without car, able to drive
  4. dietary requirements,
  5. other persons in the home, fall history and risk.

There is also an open text field for additional notes. Once the AI system analyzes a prospective client's profile, it produces a plan of care and a price quote customized to that person's individual needs.

As part of our product review, we ran two different kinds of sample clients through their intake. Sure enough, the results came back quite different from each other, both with a pie chart clearly showing five care levels and what percentage of each were recommended for each client.

An email detailing all of this is automatically generated and sent to the prospective client or the person completing the intake form for that client. (See 2-page sample, below).


Home Care Quote
Home Care Quote Report


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