Volume 12, Number 25 July  12, 2023

Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague,

It is hard to know which of this week's news stories to highlight in my opening paragraph, so I'll give you a brief list and let you decide where to begin.

I was nearly caught up in a Medicare fraud scam just this week. I finally realized what the pleasant voice on the other end of the phone was trying to do, informed her I knew more about Medicare regulations than she did, and reported the call to the HHS OIG. (I guess I'm on some list of "easily fooled elderly people," which was even more disturbing than the scam itself.) The moral of the story, which you can read by clicking on the headline below, is that these scammers do target the elderly. Feel free to print and/or email the article and share it with your patients and clients and their families. 

The Supreme Court clarified an earlier decision with another one that makes it much harder to prove you are guilty of intentionally submitted a fraudulent claim. Whistleblowers now have a higher hill to climb, and you are safer at the top of it. See guest author and home care attorney Elizabeth Hogue's analysis of the case.

Staff writer Heather Thompson continues her moving personal tale, focusing this week on a warning about Artificial Intelligence. She gave GPT-4 a simple instruction and was both amazed and in awe of what the AI produced.



Recruiting and Retention Secrets

I hope you are benefiting from our periodic summaries of the expert presentations from recent conferences we attended. This week, we summarize the comments made by Summer Napier, president of Healing Hands Home Care. Her focus on being supportive has resulted in a turnover rate under nine percent. You will want to learn how she accomplished that outlier number.


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Medicare Scam Warning - Please Share Widely
The offer of a genetic screen sounded legitimate. I almost fell for it. Here is a story to be passed on to every Medicare beneficiary.

Exposing AI Disability Bias: Part 1
By asking Chat-GPT4 to write a children's story, then asking it to critique its own story, staff writer Heather Thompson learned we must be cautious – and very specific – when prompting AI.

HHA Cruises to Under 9 Percent Turnover Rate
Healing Hands president Summer Napier shared her secret retention sauce at a June innovation conference.

Supreme Court Takes Action About Knowledge Required to Prove False Claims
Proving that providers submitted false claims just got tougher for enforcers.

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As of this date, approximately 50,336,000 Baby Boomers have become Medicare eligible.


Last Week's Most-Read Stories:

Study Compares Profit vs Non-Profit Hospices
Fewer visits, live discharges, other efforts to maximize profits occur far more often in some agencies.

The Future of Home Care and My Journey through Disability and Healing
Over the last several months, our readers have gotten to know our brilliant new staff writer, Heather Thompson, through her series about AI and The Agency of the Future. Now it is time to meet her heart as well. In a moment of vulnerability, Heather begins the story of her healthcare experience on the patient side.

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