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This Week in Technology News
Why Do We Need Healthcare Reform? How the U.S. System Compares with Other Nations(7/30/2014)
The 2014 update to the Commonwealth Fund Report on the U.S. Healthcare System has been released and it shows that we continue to lag behind other developed nations in both affordability and outcomes. The implications for home healthcare are clear. Payers will continue to push to reduce costs. They need to get the message: more home care = lower costs.
Hospice of Southwest Ohio Merges High Tech with High Touch(7/30/2014)
Packing for one last visit with her dying father, a woman gets the call that he is rapidly declining. It is clear she will not be able to get from her town to his in time. Moved by compassion and armed with state-of-the-art telehealth technology, the hospice nurse on duty proposes that the daughter log onto her computer, through which she is virtually brought into the room with her father. They converse and are able to say a final goodbye. This is much more than Skype. Her father's Cincinnati hospice uses the VGo robot.
New Product Review: Sengistix Patient Safety Monitoring(7/30/2014)
Jeremy Collins is 31, has Down syndrome, and lived in group homes all of his adult life. Today, he lives in his own 1,100-square-foot townhouse thanks to a web of support that includes his parents, his caregivers, his local county and a passive monitoring technology system.
How Healthcare Lobbying Works Or Doesn't Work in Washington(7/30/2014)
In strong language, former insurance PR executive Wendell Potter describes exactly how coordinated talking points can drown out the voices of lobbyists, even when they come with truth behind them.
AOD Software Acquires Stratis Business Systems; Joe Kraus and Entire Team to Stay On(7/16/2014)
After building the leading private duty software company for fifteen years with no outside major investors, Joe Kraus decided it was time to reap the benefits of his efforts and join a larger organization. AOD controls approximately 60% of the CCRC, long-term care and assisted living software market. With the acquisition of Stratis it is positioned to become a major player across senior care business lines. Kraus remains as president and will retain his entire team of software developers and support personnel.
Insights Into CMS's Next F2F Proposal: An Interview with Elizabeth Hogue(7/16/2014)
"I strongly suggest they make comments before September 2 and express their concerns." Home care attorney Elizabeth Hogue issued a strong warning through HCTR staff writer Liz Seegert. The 'fix' to the F2F rule could be worse than the problem it is fixing. Remain silent and your payment denial pain will get worse.
Seniors' Demand Will Trump Both Telehealth Availability and Payer Reluctance(7/16/2014)
A July 9 report published in iHealthBeat has generated reaction from a wide spectrum of telehealth advocates. Interviews with industry leaders and advocates, analyzed here by staff writer Audrey Kinsella, reveal hope, optimism, and frustration.
Medicare Advantage Plans Accused of Padding Profits(7/16/2014)
Congress created private Medicare Advantage health plans 11 years ago to help control health care spending on the elderly. But a Center for Public Integrity investigation found that billions of tax dollars are wasted every year through manipulation of a Medicare payment tool called a "risk score." The formula is supposed to pay health plans more for sicker patients and less for healthy people, but often it pays too much. The government has for years missed opportunities to corral tens of billions of dollars in overcharges and other billing errors tied to abuse of risk scores. Meanwhile, the growing power of the Medicare Advantage industry has muzzled many critics in Congress, and turned others into cheerleaders for the program.
Vendor Watch(7/16/2014)
— Kinnser releases advanced billing and revenue management tools module.
Former Software Company Executive Creates App of the Future(7/9/2014)
Coordinated patient care can be accomplished by hiring more and more FTE clinicians, or by implementing the right patient-centered software. Until now, that software had not been invented. You have not seen anything like this before.
Is It Time to Develop Palliative Care Services?(7/9/2014)
Staff writer Audrey Kinsella sat in on a very informative webinar about palliative care. What she learned, and shares here, is that there are reimbursement plans in place now and more coming soon.
Vendor Watch(7/9/2014)
Briggs and Healthcarefirst to partner
ContinuLink introduces three new sales VPs

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