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This Week in Technology News
Connected Health Symposium Preview(10/7/2015)
Every year, the Partners Healthcare Connected Health Symposium brings together an impressive array of telehealth and mHealth experts. This year, the meeting coincides with the NAHC Annual Meeting. So we are sending home telehealth reporter Audrey Kinsella to Boston to check out the latest patient care technology news. Here is her preview report.
Work Comp Insurers Respond to Safety Program with Steep Discounts(9/30/2015)
According to an insurance industry newsletter, the cost of a worker's compensation claim rises exponentially when the reporting of it is delayed. A new program takes aim at the problem.
Elite Team Builds Point-of-Care System for HEALTHCAREfirst(9/30/2015)
How can you go wrong when you get Mary St. Pierre, Tina Marrelli, Suzanne Sblendorio, Stan Bell and the User Experience Lab at a major university to design your clinical point-of-care software?
Patient survey finds 55% of respondents' med history incomplete during doctor visits (9/30/2015)
The next time you find yourself having doubts about the value of the services you offer, consider this finding published recently by Surescripts about a problem best solved by nurses seeing patients in their homes.
Care At Hand Wins Mayo Clinic "Think Big" Challenge(9/30/2015)
Beating out two other finalists from a field of 120 original applicants, Care at Hand won the first ever THINK BIG Challenge at Mayo Clinic’s "Transform 2015" event.
Google Life Sciences Division Targets Continuous Glucose Monitoring(9/23/2015)
Partnering with glucose sensor manufacturer Dexcom, the newest Google division is charging headlong into chronic disease management, starting with Type II diabetes.
Doctors Are Using Big Data to Better Understand Diseases(9/23/2015)
From time to time it is important to look outside the confines of our corner of healthcare and see what others are doing. You have heard the term 'big data' tossed around for a few years now but you have not been sure what, if anything, its significance might be within healthcare. If physicians are discovering the uses of big data today, healthcare at home should already be preparing for its arrival in our corner.
Are You Letting Google Reviews Damage Your Reputation?(9/23/2015)
Providers of healthcare services at home are generations behind other industries in the way they promote themselves online. Of course, "generations" means about a year and a half online, so it is not too late to catch up. This is a lesson you need if you are still marketing the way you did way back in 2013.
HealthcareFirst Releases New Mobile System(9/23/2015)
Responding to contemporary needs, HEALTHCAREfirst has provided its customers with a mobile application focused on keeping clinicians compliant.
Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague(9/16/2015)
Publisher's message from our September 16 issue.
Why Does Healthcare at Home Hide Its Light Under a Bushel Basket?(9/16/2015)
When it comes to saving the Medicare Trust Fund, or possibly the entire U.S. healthcare system, government officials could learn a lot from the city of Los Angeles.
Insurers Using Lobbying Muscle, Campaign Cash to Push Mergers(9/16/2015)
Everyone's premiums will rise again if Congress and the Justice Department approve proposed mergers of four for-profit health insurers. This according to the AMA, which is engaged in a battle against six K Street lobbying powerhouses for the attention of a Senate panel. It all comes to a head Tuesday, says guest author and industry analyst Wendell Potter.

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