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This Week in Technology News
When the Internet Touches Everything(9/17/2014)
If you are in business, if you use technology, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with -- and please excuse the cliché -- the next big thing. As reported in the new book, "Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things," by MIT Media Lab scientist David Rose, global networks of connected devices are becoming a standard, in healthcare as much as in other business and service sectors. What is "The Internet of Things?" It is a technology movement that home care agency and hospice owners and administrators must learn. It will become as critical as the mandate to become an expert in networking, mobile devices, telehealth, and HIPAA technologies.
HCTR Advertiser Interview Part 2: Homecare Homebase Chief Strategy Officer Maxwell Foresees New Technologies in 2015(9/17/2014)
Tom Maxwell, Chief Strategy Officer for Homecare Homebase, continues his conversation with staff reporter Liz Seegert this week — including his predictions on the growth of several new "hot" technologies.
CellTrak Releases Updated Mobile Platform(9/17/2014)
Time management, caregiver alerts, patient portals, care coordination and outcome management are some of the features added to CellTrak's line of mobile data solutions. As competition increases in the mHealth space, technological advances such as these will become more commonplace. Click here to read comments from CellTrak CEO Michael Wons and from two customers, Addus HealthCare and Amedisys, and for a link to a video about the new system.
Procura Group Reaches Milestone(9/17/2014)
The Procura Group of Companies announced this week that its mobile healthcare solution has achieved a milestone, surpassing the supported delivery of 3.4 million patients visits.
HCTR Advertiser Interview: Homecare Homebase Chief Strategy Officer Maxwell Eyes 2015 With Caution and Optimism(9/10/2014)

Despite proposed rule changes in face to face documentation, Tom Maxwell, chief strategy officer of Homecare Homebase thinks agencies cannot relax just yet — quite the opposite. Defensible documentation is vital. He shared some of his predictions about the state of the industry in the coming year with staff reporter Liz Seegert.

TeleStroke: Home Health Should Be Part of the Movement to Serve Stroke Patients with Technology(9/10/2014)
After a review of the statistics and some studies of current practices, Audrey Kinsella concludes that home health nurses and therapists equipped with telehealth systems can be far more effective caring for patients post-stroke than physicians, even specialists.
New Software Service Takes Aim at Slow Document Turnaround(9/10/2014)
Sending paper back and forth to physicians for signature is a bad habit that home care agencies should have been cured from a decade ago. It creates workflow bottlenecks and, in the long run, is many times more expensive than electronic alternatives, which have been available for years. To remind our readers of the folly of the fax and the misery of the mail, we asked staff writer Liz Seegert to profile one of the new companies trying to save you money...and headaches.
Princeton Researchers Measure Blood Sugar with Lasers(9/10/2014)
Imagine being able to tell your patients they never have to stick a pin in their finger again. That might be possible for diabetics one day soon if the research at Princeton evolves into a commercial product. Read here about their experiments in measuring blood sugar using lasers.
Why Is It So Difficult To Get VA Physician Signatures? Our Early Survey Results(9/3/2014)
We have preliminary results of our survey asking you about your experiences with VA physicians and the difficulty of getting signed documents back in a timely manner. The early news is not good but the survey is still open. Please take a moment, after reading this article, to add your voice to our survey.
VNAA Urges CMS to Reconsider Rate Cuts and Burdensome Regulations That Limit Access to Care(9/3/2014)
Punishing an entire industry in order to stop the tiny percentage that engage in fraud is the wrong approach, the VNAA told CMS this week. It will have no effect on those oriented toward breaking the rules, it will harm providers diligently trying to operate within the rules, and it will deny access to home care to thousands of Medicare beneficiaries. Read the entire text of the VNAA's bold confrontation here.
Reimbursement Expert Delivers Stern Message to CMS Regarding 2015 Rules(9/3/2014)
The deadline to submit comments to CMS about its proposed CY2015 HHPPS rate structure and Face-to-Face documentation rules has passed but we thought you would appreciate seeing what one of your colleagues had to say. John Reisinger has worked for several home health agencies as a reimbursement specialist and is the founder and President of Innovative Financial Solutions for Home Health, a reimbursement consulting firm.
Legislators and Other VIPs to Address National Health IT Week Event(9/3/2014)
Attendees will have the opportunity to directly question the mayor of Washington DC, a Senator, three Representatives and top officials from the Department of Defense and the Veterans Health Administration on September 18 at the HIMSS National Health IT Week Press Conference. If you are in the area, check out the details here.

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