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This Week in Technology News
Healthcare at Home Staff Education: Do It Right to Increase Revenue, Decrease Costs(7/15/2015)
Considering the rate at which competition for the attention of hospitals and physicians is accelerating, maintaining a highly-trained staff of clinicians and other technology users is becoming a survival issue. In this introduction to our special staff training issue, guest author Traci Frazer shares insights about educating adult professionals that she has gained from her experience as an education professor at the University of Alabama and as a Client Success Manager for the Procura Group.
OASIS Training Must Be Comprehensive, Always Available, Constantly Repeated(7/15/2015)
Med-Pass makes the teaching skills of attorney and RN Lisa Selman-Holman available nationwide, 24/7.
The Corridor Group Believes in Training Variety(7/15/2015)
The Corridor Group expanded from one-to-one consulting to one-to-many eLearning several years ago. VP of educational services Peggy Patton told us why.
Relias Learning Releases 2015 "State of Training" Report(7/15/2015)
391 respondents completed a survey issued by Relias Learning and painted a mixed picture of the state of training among healthcare at home providers. Widely varying budgets, difficulty in getting staff to attend classroom training, resources absorbed by training for mandatory regulation changes, all interfere with the desire to train for improving care delivery and strategic advantage.
Citrix Online Declares In-Person Training is Shrinking(7/15/2015)
As part of its effort to promote GoToMeeting, Citrix has published a study of web conference training trends. Though some of the language has the flavor of a promotional document, it includes some useful information about the advantages and growing use of online learning.
Relias Learning Acquires Academy Medical Systems(7/8/2015)
In a move that company officials hint will not be its last, Relias Learning has added more than 250 new courses to its catalog through the acquisition of Bend, Oregon-based Academy Medical Systems.
CMS Proposes Bundled Payment Plan for Joint Replacement Care(7/8/2015)
Proposal would reduce costs of rehab for hip and knee replacement surgery, the most common inpatient surgery for Medicare beneficiaries. Public comment period ends on September 8. Read the entire CMS proposal here. Thanks to our friends at Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions for bringing this to our attention.
CMS Officials Set to Speak at VNAA Public Policy Leadership Conference(7/8/2015)
Deputy Administrator for Medicare and Director of Chronic Care Policy Group will engage in discussions with VNAA members and others in Washington DC, September 16-17.
AHRQ Announces Two New Grants(7/8/2015)
Actually, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality announced this week that it is going to announce two new initiatives sometime soon that will involve both grant and contract mechanisms. The early warning is to allow prospective applicants "sufficient time to develop meaningful collaborations and responsive projects." The initiatives, to disseminate and implement patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) findings through clinical decision support (CDS), may be of interest to software developers more than to healthcare providers. Or perhaps the two working collaboratively.
Message from Healthcare Execs: Change is Inevitable, Your Task is Clear(7/1/2015)
Now that it is certain healthcare reform is here to stay and that the Affordable Care Act is likely to remain the form it will take, every healthcare provider -- especially providers of healthcare at home -- who decides to continue to operate in ways that have brought success in the past will likely be closed or acquired within five years, very likely much sooner. Executives from Kaiser, LHC Group, Simione Consultants and others delivered a message you need to hear.
Protect Yourself Against Negative Bias in the Online World(7/1/2015)
It is human nature. Happy patients and customers tell you, unhappy ones go online and tell the world the horrible things you did to them. There are ways to protect yourself from this fact of 21st century life. In part three of his 8-part series on Reputation Management, guest author Roger McManus details the problem. Next week: what you can do about it.
Some Nurses Chart in the Home Twice as Often as Other Nurses(7/1/2015)
One of the major problems facing healthcare at home providers is clinical documentation accuracy. Inaccuracy can become extremely expensive but its primary cause is preventable. Clinicians are always more accurate when they complete paperwork in the presence of the patient. Anything that can be done, via policy, encouragement, or providing better software, can help. One software company has determined that its clinical application is part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

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