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Latest Healthcare at Home News:
CMS Postpones Pre-Claim(9/21/2016)
To many, CMS's decision to postpone implementation of the Pre-Claim Review experiment in Texas, Florida, Michigan, and Massachusetts does not come as a surprise. Poorly trained reviewers make so many mistakes, it may be wise to turn the program off in Illinois as well, where it has already begun but is not working.
Illinois Home Health Providers Frustrated, Angry, But Not Powerless(9/21/2016)
Almost everything that can go wrong has gone wrong in the first state burdened with poorly planned Pre-Claim Review experiment.
Home Health Providers Bear Some Responsibility Too(9/21/2016)
In marriage and in Medicare, there are always two valid sides to every argument. Just because most of the blame for the Illinois fiasco can be attributed to PGBA does not mean that HHAs are blameless. Those who intend to be in business next year must set the bar higher for employees who create, review, and submit clinical documentation.
Texas Association Urges Members to Continue PCR Training(9/21/2016)
In spite of the announced PCR delay, the Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice is warning its members to remain vigilant and continue preparing, saying, "PCR is still coming."
Netsmart Urges Senate Passage of Comprehensive Mental Health Bill (9/14/2016)
Netsmart, along with its new corporate entity the former Allscripts Home Care, is urging everyone in post-acute care to talk to their U.S. Senators about bills to support behavioral health services and finally bring Meaningful Use funds for EMR implementation in the post-acute space.
Off-Site Patient Tracking and Tele-Caregiving: A Look at the “Live Expert®” System(9/14/2016)
Chicago-based telehealth company introduces one-touch video visit technology to simplify use by seniors.
Victory Home Care, Arizona, Selects Medocity Mobile Patient Engagement Platform(9/14/2016)
"The only way we will reduce costs for home care patients is with engaging mobile applications that can inform an agency what is happening when they are not there." -- Medocity's Scott Herrmann
Experts Show How to Avoid Drowning in The Medicaid Sea(9/14/2016)
There is much talk today about the wisdom of expanding into Medicaid. Why do some provider agencies succeed and others fail miserably? Preparation, says industry veteran and ContinuLink software creator Scott Brashears.
Time Marches On; Progress Leaves Dial-Up Internet Behind(9/14/2016)
Does anyone still use dial-up modems? If so, this news is for you.
Is Your Online Reputation Hurting or Helping?(9/7/2016)
Online shopping, even in healthcare at home, has taken over. Your next client and/or referral source is not looking for your Yellow Pages ad. They are fast-forwarding through your TV spot. Google, Yelp, and Facebook are where they check you out by reading reviews from your existing clients. Do you even have any?
Google's New Rules Mean Businesses Must Change(9/7/2016)
It's not your fault. The world has changed. Your next client and your next superstar nurse are looking online for the best agency in town. And they are reading what your current patients and their families say about you. Are you?
Wanda Combines Remote Monitoring with Data Analytics (8/31/2016)
UCLA researchers help Silicon Valley company combine remote patient monitoring with data analytics.

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