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Here We Go Again: Feds' H.E.A.T. Strike Force Arrests 713 Doctors, Nurses, Home Health Execs(6/24/2015)
Medicare fraud is still big business, even in the crackdown era of MACs, ZPICs, and Recovery Audit Contractors. Among those arrested were physicians, nurses, skilled nursing facility owners, and home health administrators.
Reader Feedback on Last Week's Bosch Announcement(6/24/2015)
Rarely have we received as much response to a news article as we have been getting since we were the first to report that Bosch Healthcare had abruptly abandoned the home telehealth market. Here we print without comment the remarks of ATA CEO Jonathan Linkous and many other respected industry participants and watchers, many with familiar names you will immediately recognize.
Bosch Feedback on Last Week's Bosch Announcement(6/24/2015)
After we reported that the phones were not being answered in Palo Alto, we received this statement from the PR department at Robert Bosch LLC's Farmington Hills, Michigan office.
Are You Claiming Tax Credits Due to You for Every New Hire?(6/24/2015)
Tax credits are available to employers for almost every new hire into a for-profit company. One firm that helps home healthcare companies find state and federal credits will announce software enhancements at next week's NAHC Financial Managers meeting. Their software now integrates with all home health and home care EMRs, automating the paperwork and making the free money almost automatic. This article includes the story of one home care staffing agency that filled out a few forms and received a credit of over a half million dollars.
Vendor Watch(6/24/2015)
— Homecare Homebase to announce two partnerships at annual user meeting
— PlayMaker CRM partners with VGM Group
— Axxess named a Best Place to Work by IDG Computerworld
Massive Layoffs as Bosch Opts Out of U.S. Telehealth Market(6/17/2015)
Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems, Inc. appears to be dissolving its home telehealth unit, following disappointing sales totaling less than a third of its peak year revenues.
Bosch Patent Suit Tossed Out by Appeals Board(6/17/2015)
Speculation runs high that this week's decision by Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems Inc. to abandon the home telehealth business was precipitated by the company's failure to convince the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board that its Health Buddy division, acquired from Health Hero Networks in 2007, invented remote patient monitoring. Cardiocom was the target of a 4-part patent lawsuit that lingered for three years before being decided in two separate decisions last January and a third and final one earlier this month. When Cardiocom prevailed, Bosch almost immediately gave up its 8-year effort to dominate the home telehealth market.
Six Innovative Tech Products Impress Link Conference Judges(6/3/2015)
A panel of experts evaluated 25 new home care technology products and selected six as the most innovative. All six are worth your attention, especially the one voted best at last week's Home Care and Hospice Link conference in Chicago.
Former CMS Exec Carries Notions About Home Care to New BCBS Position(6/3/2015)
Home health and hospice executives who listened to Jonathan Blum's keynote interview at last week's Home Care & Hospice Link conference left the room shaking their heads. Some heard him say home health and hospice are somewhat important to the healthcare system. Others heard him say the opposite. Most were simply grateful he is no longer in charge of Medicare.
Marketing with Reputation Management(6/3/2015)
Search engines are a permanent part of your future and need to be a permanent part of marketing your home care business. In part two of his 8-paet series, guest author Roger McManus explains the importance of positive online reviews and the dangers of ignoring negative ones.
Let's Deliver Our Home Care and Hospice IT Message to CES(5/27/2015)
A call for presentations has gone out for CES 2016. More than 165,000 consumer technology professionals will gather in Las Vegas, next January. Last year, the Consumer Electronics Association dedicated a major portion of their annual meeting to healthcare and they will do so again in 2016. What if a large number of home care and hospice IT experts submitted presentation proposals before the June 30 deadline? The CEA would be struck by our dedication and enthusiasm and we might get the opportunity to tell thousands of people about our critically important role in saving the U.S. healthcare system.  All the details for submitting a proposal are in this article. Think about it!
Can Inverse Marketing Rejuvenate Your Sales Efforts?(5/27/2015)
In the first of an 8-part series, Roger McManus introduces us to a new way of telling the world about the quality of your in-home care services. You have often heard the adage, "the internet changes everything." McManus applies the concept to marketing under the new rules created by Google, Yelp, LinkedIn and others. In coming weeks, he will teach us how to use to our own advantage the billions of dollars spent by others to set up these systems.

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