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This Week in Technology News
With Just Over Four Months To Go (Maybe), CMS Offers ICD-10 Guidances(5/13/2015)
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has just released a fact sheet on preparing for ICD-10. This latest message offers suggestions for providers whose information systems may not be ready in time for the October 1 transition deadline. The facts sheet also attempts to dispel some myths and issues a warning.
New Product Analysis: CuraCall Offers Enhanced Communications, Lowered Overall Costs(5/13/2015)
Former AMAC executive Paul Lieberman has created an answering service for Home Health, Hospice, Infusion, DME, and Long Term Care providers that offers a range of HIPAA-compliant communication services that we have not seen before from answering service companies.
Is The Apple Watch Ready for Home Health Care?(5/13/2015)
You have seen the TV ads that seem to reappear during every commercial break. You have read the hype and the technical articles. Now you are wondering, is this new Apple Watch just a fad consumer product? Or could it have a use in the care of people with chronic conditions? We asked staff writer Tamela Buhrke to take a look beyond the hype and lay out the objective pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself.
Letters Column: Reader Cannot Get Clinicians to Complete Charting in the Home(5/13/2015)
An agency administrator wants to know this week how to encourage clinicians to complete documentation in the presence of the patient instead of at home at the end of the day...or end of the week.
Medicare Technical Reports: What They Mean for Future Hospice Payment Changes(5/6/2015)
Data analysts at Avalere took a second look at a report on Medicare hospice data commissioned by CMS and written by Abt Associates. The report is supposed to help CMS develop changes to the hospice payment system but those changes would be quite different if CMS saw the data the way Avalere sees it rather than the way Abt does.
Agency Owner Prepares to Meet Healthcare Reform Head On(5/6/2015)
When the twin pressures from government and private payers to shrink reimbursement rates and increase claims denials make it too difficult for some home health and home care providers to survive, Peter Miska’s Chicago agency will still be standing, and thriving. At last month’s “Healthcare in Transition” seminar, he spoke with our Tamela Buhrke about the difficult operational and cultural changes that have strengthened his agency in an extremely competitive market.
Congress Floods the Halls with Telemedicine Proposals (5/6/2015)
At the annual meeting of the American Telemedicine Association last week in Los Angeles, CEO Jonathan Linkous announced that the notion of payer reimbursement for remote patient services is gaining traction in Washington...finally.
HealthLinkNow Earns American Telemedicine Association’s Accreditation for Online Patient Consultations (5/6/2015)
The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) has awarded its second Accreditation for Online Patient Consultations to HealthLinkNow, Inc., a fully-integrated online network of psychiatrists and therapists providing mental health services across multiple states. In its first five months of operation, nearly 300 organizations have registered for the ATA program.
ContinuLink Names New CEO(5/6/2015)
Scott Overhill to remain with the company and return to CTO position. New chief was formerly with Microsystems, Inc., SpringCM, Fios, Inc., and Interwoven.
Seminar Keynoter Outlines Path Toward Healthcare Reform Success(4/29/2015)
What healthcare reform is teaching Medicare home health agencies is that no one in Washington or Baltimore cares about the survival of any one agency. Patients and the Medicare Trust Fund are the survival targets. The more a provider believes protecting his own turf and preserving the status quo is a value, the less that provider will share in the benefits of healthcare reform.
Colorado Hospice Pharmacy Hit With $125,000 HIPAA Fine by OCR(4/29/2015)
After you run your risk assessment, after you send your IT staff to HIPAA training, after you bolster your firewalls, after you encrypt your laptops and tablets, you still have to talk to your employees about throwing sensitive patient papers into the dumpster! This company did not do that and will wind up on the OCR Hall of Shame.
Vendor Watch(4/29/2015)
— Allscripts Releases eBook: "Thrive and Grow in the Face of Today's Realities: A Survival Guide for Home Health and Hospice Agencies," available at no charge. (Click on the Allscripts ad at the right to download.)
— HealthcareFIRST acquires Deyta

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