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This Week in Technology News
How Are You Doing? Wearable Health Devices Tell You...and Your Doctor(12/10/2014)
In her third report from this year's Partners Health Center for Connected Health symposium (Boston, October 22-25), telehealth reporter Audrey Kinsella surveys the rapid progression toward handheld and wearable healthcare technologies for people with chronic conditions.
The IMPACT Act: What You Need to Know(12/10/2014)
Post-acute providers take note: standardizing post-acute data to improve care coordination and outcomes is now law. In a rare instance of bipartisan, bicameral cooperation, Congress passed, and the President signed, The IMPACT Act, or officially, the “Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014" in October.
Care Transitions Software Helps Hospitals, Home Care Agencies, Payers and Patients(12/10/2014)
Care transition management is a healthcare field that has gone from obscure concept to coveted credential in less than a decade. Two care transition software systems recently came to our attention and are the subject of this week's technology profile. Ankota LLC and Curaspan Health Group Inc. are both headquartered in the Boston area.
Vendor Watch(12/10/2014)
— Suncoast Solutions releases benchmarking network for clients to compare quality data with other hospices.
— Independa receives Consumer Electronics award
CMS (Finally) Answers American Telemedicine Association's Call to Allow Telehealth Use by ACOs(12/3/2014)
Three years ago, the American Telemedicine Association wrote to CMS, outlining the benefits of using remote monitoring and other telehealth technologies by Accountable Care Organizations. This week, they finally got an answer, and it may be good news for home health and home care providers that work with ACOs.
HCTR Opinion: Has Home Care Lost the Lead in Home Telehealth?(12/3/2014)
Is home care's future in jeopardy? Or did HCTR editor Tim Rowan just have a bad week? In this opinion piece, he describes the discouraging events that led him to issue a call to action to the entire home care industry.
CellTrak™ Releases Practical New Innovations for Care Providers(12/3/2014)
With over 100,000 healthcare workers in seven countries using its mobile solution, CellTrak has begun to announce a series of product enhancements. The company was also recently awarded a Canadian patent.
Power of the Pen: VNAA Pries Loose Delayed Patient Report from CMS(11/19/2014)
The Affordable Care Act included language instructing the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to conduct a study of vulnerable patients and submit a report to Congress by March 31, 2014. The language also instructed CMS to develop a four-year demonstration project to begin on January 1, 2015. The study was completed on time but, when no report had been submitted seven months later, the Visiting Nurse Associations of America wrote a letter demanding that CMS obey the law and got seven members of Congress to sign it. As of this writing, CMS has not responded.
Cybercrimes’ Coming of Age(11/19/2014)
  • The United States leads the world in the cost of cyber crime, accounting for 25% of the world total.
  • Cyber crime, as tracked by its costs, is growing at a 10% annualized rate.
  • Cyber crime that has historically been perpetrated by individuals has evolved into highly skilled networks of organized criminals and even nation states.

Our resident HIPAA expert, Roger Shindell, analyzes the latest healthcare industry cyber crime report card from The Ponemon Institute.

Patient Self Management — With Assistance From the Most Familiar Home Care Team(11/19/2014)
Who belongs on the care team of a person managing chronic conditions? According to some high-powered speakers at last month's Partners Healthcare Symposium, supported by some exciting new technologies, the answer includes family, friends and patients themselves, and not limited to professionals with letters after their names.
HCTR Interview: NAHC's Bill Dombi Discusses Ebola, Alzheimer's, and ACOs(11/12/2014)
NAHC’s Vice President for Law sat down exclusively with reporter Liz Seegert last month during the association’s annual meeting in Phoenix for a wide-ranging interview on policy, programs, and the future of home healthcare. In this final segment, he discusses ACOs opening and closing, the CMS final rule for 2015, and NAHC's efforts to join the Ebola battle.
Attorney Elizabeth Hogue Explains Meaning for Home Care of Latest "Jimmo Case" Ruling(11/12/2014)
On October 29, the federal court in Vermont handed down a final decision in the case of Glenda Jimmo vs. CMS. It may or may not change the way home care serves persons with chronic conditions. This clarification by home care attorney Elizabeth Hogue offers some cautions regarding the ruling's exact meaning.

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