Home Care Tech Reporthttp://homecaretechreport.com/Your weekly source for home care technology newsen-usAmerican Telemedicine Association Endorses Physical Therapy Licensure Compacthttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22142/3/2016Tim RowanTim Rowan]]>Investment in On-Demand Healthcare to Reach $1 Billion in 2017, Accenture Findshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22152/3/2016Tim RowanThree Steps to Capitalize on New Discharge Planning Requirementshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22101/27/2016Tim RowanNAHC Misstep Leads to Legal Challengehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22111/27/2016Tim RowanIn its January newsletter to members, the Home Care Association of New York State notified its members that it has filed a lawsuit over the improper October dismissal of two NAHC board members.]]>Relias Learning and NAHC Announce Strategic Partnershiphttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22121/27/2016Tim RowanThornberry Named Best in KLAS for Third Consecutive Yearhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22131/27/2016Tim RowanCMS Introduces 121 New ACOshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22081/20/2016Tim RowanCare Coordination Technology Could Save Billionshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22091/20/2016Tim RowanIs Care Coordination the New Healthcare IT Frontier?http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22051/13/2016Tim RowanCMS Newshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21981/6/2016Tim Rowan — You Have Two Weeks to Preview Your Star Ratings
— IMPACT Act Training Set for February 4
— Article Released Detailing Payment Consequences for Hospices That Do Not Submit Required Quality Data
Key Home Healthcare Developments to be Discussed at Los Angeles Conferencehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22001/6/2016Tim RowanHome healthcare experts to discuss key financial, legal and technological developments at the Home Healthcare Leaders’ Summit, March 3-4 in Los Angeles.]]>200 Telemedicine Laws Introduced Last Yearhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22011/6/2016Tim RowanHealth IT Outcomes, 42 states introduced telemedicine bills last year.]]>Shut-In Seniors No Longer Shut Out, Thanks To Virtual Senior Centershttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22021/6/2016Tim RowanEncouraging Investment in Medicaid Information Technology: News From CMS Acting Administrator Andy Slavitthttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=22031/6/2016Tim RowanWork Opportunity Tax Credit Calculatorhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=219612/30/2015Tim RowanHow to Claim Your Tax Creditshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=219712/30/2015Tim RowanCMS Language Most Often Used to Deny Claimshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=219312/16/2015Tim RowanPayment Denial Prevention: What Is Software's Responsibility? http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=219412/16/2015Tim RowanSoftware Features That Empower Clinical Best Practicehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=219512/16/2015Tim RowanWhy Wait? Start Early to Ready Seniors’ Homes for Aging in Placehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=218912/9/2015Tim RowanOCR Audits Coming, Check Your HIPAA Readinesshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=219012/9/2015Tim RowanSutter Health Acquires Competitorhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=219112/9/2015Tim RowanMatrixCare and AOD Software Join Forces to Create Largest LTPAC Technology Providerhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=219212/9/2015Tim RowanNAHC Board Expulsion Controversy Festers, Expandshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=217612/2/2015Tim RowanClinician Feedback Shapes Mobile Application Designhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=218512/2/2015Tim RowanMedalogix Releases End-of-Episode Planning Tool http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=218612/2/2015Tim RowanGoogle Is Changing the Rules...Againhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=218712/2/2015Tim RowanCongress Hints at New Hope for Medicare Telehealth Reimbursementhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=218812/2/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=218011/18/2015Tim Rowan — New ICD-10 Assessments Provide Assistance in Training and Ensuring Coding Proficiency]]>THA Group and Delta Incubate Solutions for VBP in “Living Lab”http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=218111/18/2015Tim RowanThe THA Group, based in Savannah, Georgia, has partnered with Delta Health Technologies® to optimize their work on upcoming care demonstration programs and pilots.]]>Kaiser MD Prefers Using New Technologies to Provide "Just Enough" Carehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=218211/18/2015Tim RowanCMS Newshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=218311/18/2015Tim Rowan— Educational web guides fast facts.
— Help available to understand patient discharge status codes and hospital transfer policies.
— Interactive web site shows where Innovation Models are happening.]]>
"Trends in Remote Patient Monitoring 2015" Report Released http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=218411/18/2015Tim RowanOne Year From Election: Veteran Insurance Exec Examines "CarsonCare;" Is It For Real?http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=217511/18/2015Tim RowanNorth Carolina HHA Saves with Automated Workforce Management Solutionhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=217411/11/2015Tim RowanClean Up Your Act, ZPICs Are on the Movehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=217711/11/2015Tim RowanPoint-of-Care Software Enters a New Generationhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=217811/11/2015Tim RowanWearable Technology Breeds Great Expectations, Maybe Too Greathttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=217911/11/2015Tim RowanNew Discharge Planning Requirements May Reach CoP Level for HHAshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=216911/4/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=217011/4/2015Tim Rowan — Curantis Solutions, LLC, Announces Customer Rollout of Innovative Hospice Management Software]]>VNAA Congratulates 47 Members Named to 2015 HomeCare Elitehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=217111/4/2015Tim RowanRelias Learning Acquires RediLearninghttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=217211/4/2015Tim RowanAcquisition furthers Relias’ leadership position in online training for senior care.]]>Urgent CMS News: Public Comment on New Post-Acute Readmission Rules http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=217311/4/2015Tim RowanCongress Slams CMS Over 2016 Home Health Cutshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=216610/21/2015Tim RowanFormer Amplicare Thriving As "Deyta Analytics" Under HEALTHCAREfirsthttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=216710/21/2015Tim Rowanfirst company.]]>The Care Plan and Documentation: Practical Application of the Fundamentals http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=216810/21/2015Tim RowanHome Health Nurse for eight years, has graciously allowed us to reprint one of her most popular and widely-read instructional guides for healthcare at home clinicians.]]>When and Where Are Your Clinical Documents Completed?http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=215910/14/2015Tim RowanWebinar to Explain 2016 Hospice Final Rulehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=216210/14/2015Tim RowanLarge Texas HME, HHA, Hospice Provider Signs with Brightreehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=216310/14/2015Tim RowanMedPAC, Back from Summer Break, Explores Unified Post-Acute Payment Systemhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=216410/14/2015Tim RowanLetters to the Editorhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=216510/14/2015Tim RowanONC Publishes 5-Year Health IT Strategic Planhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=216010/7/2015Tim RowanMarket Data Solves Problems, Fuels Growth for Florida HHAhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=216110/7/2015Tim RowanConnected Health Symposium Previewhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=215710/7/2015Tim RowanHow to Block Windows 10 From Putting You in HIPAA Jeopardyhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=215810/7/2015Tim RowanPatient survey finds 55% of respondents' med history incomplete during doctor visits http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21539/30/2015Tim RowanElite Team Builds Point-of-Care System for HEALTHCAREfirsthttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21549/30/2015Tim RowanCare At Hand Wins Mayo Clinic "Think Big" Challengehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21569/30/2015Tim RowanCare at Hand won the first ever THINK BIG Challenge at Mayo Clinic’s "Transform 2015" event.]]>Work Comp Insurers Respond to Safety Program with Steep Discountshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21519/30/2015Tim RowanHealthcareFirst Releases New Mobile Systemhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21529/23/2015Tim RowanDoctors Are Using Big Data to Better Understand Diseaseshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21499/23/2015Tim RowanGoogle Life Sciences Division Targets Continuous Glucose Monitoringhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21509/23/2015Tim RowanAre You Letting Google Reviews Damage Your Reputation?http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21449/23/2015Tim RowanWhy Does Healthcare at Home Hide Its Light Under a Bushel Basket?http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21469/16/2015Tim RowanInsurers Using Lobbying Muscle, Campaign Cash to Push Mergershttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21479/16/2015Tim RowanDear Healthcare at Home Colleaguehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21489/16/2015Tim RowanNetMotion Wireless and Panasonic Partner for Secure Mobile Connectivityhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21439/16/2015Tim RowanCMS Ends Long-Standing Abusive Practicehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21409/9/2015Tim Rowan]]>HCTR Product Review: Dementia Care Improves with "AlzBetter"http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21419/9/2015Tim RowanICD-9 Shift to ICD-10—What you should Already be Doinghttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21429/9/2015Tim Rowanand rebuilds the somewhat confusing language that the CMS used in their manual regarding dual coding for the period straddling October 1. ]]>Pediatric Services Of America And Related Entities To Pay $6.88 Million To Resolve False Claims Act Allegationshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21369/2/2015Tim RowanWhere Employee Rights Intersect with Employer Rights, Danger Lurkshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21379/2/2015Tim RowanVendor Watch: Software Company Offers Assistance with Work Comp Costshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21389/2/2015Tim RowanEditor's "Dear Colleague" Letter: 9/2/15http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21399/2/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21338/26/2015Tim Rowan — Care at Hand introduces new Chief Nursing and Quality Officer]]>Should We Be Worried About Our Field?http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21348/26/2015Tim RowanCourt Overturns Overtime Exemption for Care Workershttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21358/26/2015Tim RowanHospice Software Group Announces $12.6 Million Investmenthttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21298/19/2015Tim RowanMassachusetts Medicaid RPM proposal released http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21308/19/2015Tim RowanYelp CEO Announces Healthcare Review Categoryhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21318/19/2015Tim RowanThe Do's and Don't's of Managing Yelphttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21328/19/2015Tim RowanAdvanced Analytics Mitigate Negative Side of New Hospice Payment Systemhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21228/12/2015Tim RowanData Analysis Tool Identifies Home Care Patients Ready for Hospicehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21248/12/2015Tim RowanHalf Million Dollar Investment Will Help Tech Startup Further Reduce Hospital Readmissionshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21268/12/2015Tim RowanMedicare Advantage Plans Pad Charges on Home Visits, Whistleblower Sayshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21278/12/2015Tim RowanThe Mind of Yelp: A Business Owner’s Dilemmahttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21288/12/2015Tim RowanProcura and ContinuLink Achieve SSAE Certification, Release DDE and Eligibility Serviceshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21188/5/2015Tim RowanProduct Review: Axis Care Supports Private Duty Providershttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21198/5/2015Tim RowanInsurance to Protect Home Care Advertising Dollarshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21208/5/2015Tim RowanVendor Watch: ClearCare Lands Comfort Keepers®http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21218/5/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21117/29/2015Tim Rowan]]>VNAA Commends 42 Members for Top Performance on Home Health Compare Star Ratingshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21127/29/2015Tim RowanTechnology for Keeping People Safe and Wellhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21137/29/2015Tim RowanHow to Use the New Rowan Resources Academy for Staff Traininghttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21147/29/2015Tim RowanWhy Yelp Doesn’t Lose in Courthttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21167/29/2015Tim RowanCMS Extends Moratorium in High-Fraud Stateshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21177/29/2015Tim RowanHHAeXchange Announces Partnership with CuraCallhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21037/22/2015Tim RowanYoung entrepreneurs use technology to transform senior carehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21057/22/2015Tim RowanOASIS Training Must Be Comprehensive, Always Available, Constantly Repeatedhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21067/15/2015Tim RowanThe Corridor Group Believes in Training Varietyhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21077/15/2015Tim RowanRelias Learning Releases 2015 "State of Training" Reporthttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21087/15/2015Tim RowanCitrix Online Declares In-Person Training is Shrinkinghttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21107/15/2015Tim RowanGoToMeeting, Citrix has published a study of web conference training trends. Though some of the language has the flavor of a promotional document, it includes some useful information about the advantages and growing use of online learning.]]>Healthcare at Home Staff Education: Do It Right to Increase Revenue, Decrease Costshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20697/15/2015Tim RowanCMS Officials Set to Speak at VNAA Public Policy Leadership Conferencehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20987/8/2015Tim RowanCMS Proposes Bundled Payment Plan for Joint Replacement Carehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20997/8/2015Tim Rowan]]>Relias Learning Acquires Academy Medical Systemshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21007/8/2015Tim RowanAHRQ Announces Two New Grantshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=21017/8/2015Tim RowanActually, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality announced this week that it is going to announce two new initiatives sometime soon that will involve both grant and contract mechanisms. The early warning is to allow prospective applicants "sufficient time to develop meaningful collaborations and responsive projects." The initiatives, to disseminate and implement patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) findings through clinical decision support (CDS), may be of interest to software developers more than to healthcare providers. Or perhaps the two working collaboratively.]]>Some Nurses Chart in the Home Twice as Often as Other Nurseshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20957/1/2015Tim RowanMessage from Healthcare Execs: Change is Inevitable, Your Task is Clearhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20967/1/2015Tim RowanProtect Yourself Against Negative Bias in the Online Worldhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20977/1/2015Tim RowanReader Feedback on Last Week's Bosch Announcementhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20896/24/2015Tim RowanHere We Go Again: Feds' H.E.A.T. Strike Force Arrests 713 Doctors, Nurses, Home Health Execshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20906/24/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20926/24/2015Tim Rowan — PlayMaker CRM partners with VGM Group
— Axxess named a Best Place to Work by IDG Computerworld ]]>
Bosch Feedback on Last Week's Bosch Announcementhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20936/24/2015Tim RowanAre You Claiming Tax Credits Due to You for Every New Hire?http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20946/24/2015Tim RowanMassive Layoffs as Bosch Opts Out of U.S. Telehealth Markethttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20866/17/2015Tim RowanBosch Patent Suit Tossed Out by Appeals Boardhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20876/17/2015Tim RowanATA Critiques CMS http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20856/10/2015Tim RowanFormer CMS Exec Carries Notions About Home Care to New BCBS Positionhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20826/3/2015Tim RowanSix Innovative Tech Products Impress Link Conference Judgeshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20836/3/2015Tim RowanMarketing with Reputation Managementhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20846/3/2015Tim RowanCan Inverse Marketing Rejuvenate Your Sales Efforts?http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20785/27/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20795/27/2015Tim RowanDelta Introduces New Product VPhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20805/27/2015Tim RowanLet's Deliver Our Home Care and Hospice IT Message to CEShttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20815/27/2015Tim RowanIs The Apple Watch Ready for Home Health Care?http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20745/13/2015Tim RowanNew Product Analysis: CuraCall Offers Enhanced Communications, Lowered Overall Costshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20755/13/2015Tim RowanWith Just Over Four Months To Go (Maybe), CMS Offers ICD-10 Guidanceshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20765/13/2015Tim RowanLetters Column: Reader Cannot Get Clinicians to Complete Charting in the Homehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20775/13/2015Tim Rowan Congress Floods the Halls with Telemedicine Proposals http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20705/6/2015Tim RowanAgency Owner Prepares to Meet Healthcare Reform Head Onhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20715/6/2015Tim RowanWhen the twin pressures from government and private payers to shrink reimbursement rates and increase claims denials make it too difficult for some home health and home care providers to survive, Peter Miska’s Chicago agency will still be standing, and thriving. At last month’s “Healthcare in Transition” seminar, he spoke with our Tamela Buhrke about the difficult operational and cultural changes that have strengthened his agency in an extremely competitive market. ]]>HealthLinkNow Earns American Telemedicine Association’s Accreditation for Online Patient Consultations http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20725/6/2015Tim RowanContinuLink Names New CEOhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20735/6/2015Tim RowanMedicare Technical Reports: What They Mean for Future Hospice Payment Changeshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20685/6/2015Tim RowanSeminar Keynoter Outlines Path Toward Healthcare Reform Successhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20644/29/2015Tim RowanColorado Hospice Pharmacy Hit With $125,000 HIPAA Fine by OCRhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20664/29/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20674/29/2015Tim Rowan — HealthcareFIRST acquires Deyta]]>Managed Care Update: Oh, How They Love ObamaCarehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20654/22/2015Tim RowanThe next time an insurance company tells you you can only have three visits for a CHF patient who was discharged after a 4-day hospital stay, or the next time your Uncle Charlie begins his rant about repealing the Affordable Care Act, keep this article from Investors Business Daily handy.

How to Select a CRM for Post-Acute Carehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20624/22/2015Tim Rowan"Healthcare in Transition" Message Harsh, Helpfulhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20634/22/2015Tim RowanSCOTUS Says You Cannot Sue Medicaidhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20594/1/2015Tim RowanGrowth Fuels Procura's $1M Investment in ContinuLink Customer Supporthttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20604/1/2015Tim RowanAging2.0 Announces Launch of New Membership Community, Aging2.0 Alliancehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20614/1/2015Tim RowanHealthcare in Transition Seminar Set for April 13-15http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20544/1/2015Tim RowanKeeping an Eye on Mom from a Distancehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20574/1/2015Tim RowanHome Care Tools for Today’s Senior Populationshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20583/25/2015Tim RowanGAO Says Medicare Advantage Was Overpaid $12 Billion in 2014http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20553/25/2015Tim Rowan
  • "Overpaying for home health care has negative financial consequences for the federal budget and the beneficiary..."
  • "In 2013, about 3.5 million Medicare beneficiaries received home health care, and the program spent about $17.9 billion on home health services." (Approximately $5,100 per beneficiary served.)
  • Percentage of Medicare beneficiaries using home health care: 9.3%
  • MedPAC recommendation to control home health fraud, waste, and abuse, perpetrated by a tiny minority: reduce payment rates for all home health providers.Found in the Government Accountability Office report released at about the same time:
    • Improper payments to Medicare Advantage plans totaled more than $12 billion in 2014.
    • MedPAC recommendations to control MA fraud, waste, and abuse: none.
    • ]]>HIPAA Compliance, Policies Lag Behind Mobile Health Innovationshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20563/25/2015Tim RowanAre You On This List? New Free Service May Boost Your Referralshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20503/18/2015Tim RowanHIPAA Prep® Training Aimed at Small- to Mid-Sized Home Care and Hospice Markethttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20513/18/2015Tim RowanIt Is Time for CMS to Figure Out the Difference Between Typos and Crimeshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20523/18/2015Tim RowanForcura and QIRT Form Strategic Alliance to Boost Speed and Efficiencyhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20533/18/2015Tim RowanHome Care by Black Stone Inks Allscripts Contracthttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20463/11/2015Tim RowanWhy Does HIPAA Fail to Prevent Medical Identity Theft?http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20473/11/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20483/11/2015Tim RowanVisitVerify reaches milestone: 3 million verified patient visits
      — Philips to be Health Technology Sponsor at South By Southwest Interactive
      — Axxess releases free white paper on managing CMS audits
      — HomecareCRM sold to New York software provider SigmaCare]]>
      Procura Group, Parent of ContinuLink and Progresa, Acquires Igea Home Health Softwarehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20493/11/2015Tim RowanToshiba Releases "UCedge" to Promote Secure Communications Across Multiple Device Typeshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20423/4/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20433/4/2015Tim RowanHealthcare Reform Means Opportunity for the Prepared, Disaster for the Resthttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20443/4/2015Tim RowanCommentary: Supreme Court Decision Nullifying Subsidies Would Result in Chaoshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20453/4/2015Tim RowanImportant CMS Open Door Forum Call Today at 1:30 EST; 10:30 PSThttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20412/24/2015Tim RowanHealthcare in Transition Seminar Preview: Thrive With A Solid Branding Strategyhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20382/18/2015Tim RowanDelta Health Technologies Release Guide to Long Term Post-Acute Care Market http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20392/18/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20402/18/2015Tim Rowan — Inofile's "Kno2" enables secure document exchange, allowing home care providers to help hospitals and physicians with MU2 requirements.]]>Taking Home Telehealth Beyond Vital Signs Produces Patient Outcomes, Increases Agency Revenuehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20352/11/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20362/11/2015Tim Rowan — Kinnser inks contract with Intrepid USA]]>New Study Launched to Document Home Care's Actual Impact on Healthcare Outcomes and Costshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20372/11/2015Tim RowanWhat Does the Anthem Breach Mean?http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20322/4/2015Tim RowanSights and Sounds of Homecare 100 2015http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20332/4/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20281/28/2015Tim Rowan— Kinnser Software Debuts Mobile App ]]>Family Involvement Enhances Effectiveness of Home Telehealthhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20291/28/2015Tim RowanBest in KLAS 2014 Announcedhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20301/28/2015Tim RowanVNAA Statement on CMS Draft Standardized Template for Face to Face Encountershttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20311/28/2015Tim RowanVendor Watchhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20241/21/2015Tim Rowan — HHA Exchange no longer exclusively a New York provider: wins approval as EVV vendor in Missouri, partners with CM2000 in Texas
      — PlayMaker CRM opens its user meeting to non-customers]]>
      First Medicaid, Now Insurance Told to Pay for Telehealth Visits in Coloradohttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20251/21/2015Tim RowanCMS Puts Time Squeeze on Hospices with Unexpected IACS Change; HHAs Have A Little Leeway http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20261/21/2015Tim RowanMark Battaglia Replaces Michael Wons as CellTrak President and CEOhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20271/21/2015Tim RowanEmployer Hiring Tax Credits Updated for 2015http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20231/14/2015Tim RowanSingFit Wins CES Innovation Awardhttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20201/7/2015Tim RowanHealthcare Takes Center Stage at CEShttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20211/7/2015Tim RowanBREAKING NEWS FROM NAHC: Proposed Overtime Rule Invalidated by Courthttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=20221/7/2015Tim RowanVNAA Challenges MedPAC to Prove Pay Rate Cuts Do Not Harm Access to and Quality of Carehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=201712/31/2014Tim RowanWhat Home Health Agencies Need to Know about the CMS 2015 Final Rulehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=201812/31/2014Tim RowanPhilips Lifeline Partners With "Wish-of-a-Lifetime" to Grant Wishes to Seniorshttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=201912/31/2014Tim RowanDear Home Care Colleague,http://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=201612/18/2014Tim RowanThe time has finally arrived. Seminar plans are finalized. Expert keynote speakers are confirmed. The registration page is open. The water in the three pools is clean and sunshine is promised.

      Healthcare in Transition, the seminar series I created last spring for both Medicare and private duty home care owners and administrators, received rave reviews in its first incarnation and I have promised it will be bigger and better next year. So get your taxes done early and please join me and my team of renowned experts in Scottsdale, April 13-15, to learn how to make sure your home care agency will THRIVE through the coming healthcare reform changes.

      Register Early, Receive A Gift: If you happen to be in a position where getting your registration paid before the end of the year would be a tax advantage, I will add to that tax break and cover one night of your 3-night hotel stay at the DoubleTree Paradise Valley. This offer is extended to the first 10 people who register before the ball drops on Times Square. Click here to register, but hurry. More than 5,000 people are seeing this offer at the same time you are.

      In this week's news: We are honored to introduce two new guest authors with different areas of expertise this week. Jim Triandiflou is the CEO of Relias Learning. His feature article makes a strong case for the ability of online learning to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Laura Mitchell is the Chief Marketing Officer at grandCARE. She makes another strong case; this time for increasing the role of technology in the effort to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions.

      Lastly, don't miss my interview with Michael Link of Hospice and Community Care in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since its founding, this hospice has expanded into seven Pennsylvania counties and continues to be regarded as the premier caregiving organization in the region. Link cites the hospice's 15-year partnership with its software vendor as one of the major supports behind its success. He talked to us about the difference between a vendor and partner, about increasing competition from for-profit startups, and about the joy of working with hospice clinicians.

      Let me take this opportunity to wish all of my subscribers and readers a happy and holy holiday season, surrounded by family and friends, and a prosperous 2015, throughout which you continue to care, continue to make a difference every day.

      Your colleague,

      Tim Rowan, Editor

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    • Cyber crime, as tracked by its costs, is growing at a 10% annualized rate.
    • Cyber crime that has historically been perpetrated by individuals has evolved into highly skilled networks of organized criminals and even nation states.

    Our resident HIPAA expert, Roger Shindell, analyzes the latest healthcare industry cyber crime report card from The Ponemon Institute.]]>Clinicians Improve Outcomes by Connecting to a Circle of Carehttp://homecaretechreport.com/article.asp?id=199711/12/2014Tim RowanThe Four Walls of My Freedom, a riveting and redemptive family memoir, in which she tells her very personal story of raising a son with cerebral palsy. It is a passionate appeal to change the way we think about “the good life.” This article summarizes the book's theme and describes the technology system Donna uses to support caregiver communication, the core of patient care coordination. She describes here the difference between a one-to-one patient relationship and a network of caregivers that includes family support on the team. The software system she describes that keeps her in the loop with Nicky's other caregivers is free to families.]]>