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Insurance to Protect Home Care Advertising Dollars
"The Internet changes everything." Even when a cliché is so overused that it becomes trite, it is worth repeating if it is still true. Guest author Roger McManus, an online marketing consultant, warns in part five of his series on Reputation Marketing that you are throwing your advertising dollars away if you are still spending them the way you did before Google's star rating system and Yelp reviews took control of public opinion.
Dictum Health Introduces "Virtual Exam Room"
Virtual physician office visits may help healthcare at home patients stay independent longer.
Vendor Watch
— New secure messaging app announced by Forcura.
No Matter Who Tells You It's OK, DON'T Do This
If CMS finds out that your software has automated scripting to submit OASIS files, your vendor will be in hot water with the Feds. You may be too.
The Theory of Facebook Advertising
To spend or not to spend on Facebook ads. Social media marketing expert Roger McManus asserts the question is not quite that simple.
Kinnser Tackling Hospital Admissions with New Data Analytics Tool
Large SaaS customer base gives vendor access to massive data.
Vendor Watch
— KanTime Releases Offline Hospice Mobile App
— AMC Health Partners with Revolve Robotics

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