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VA Physicians Not Signing Required Documents; A Growing Problem in Home Care
A new HCTR survey asks for your help measuring the scope of a home care billing problem, getting Veterans Administration physicians who refer patients to home care to sign required documents. If you have experience with this, please read this story and then click on the link to our 5-minute survey.
Free HIPAA Webinar Series Announced
Through a partnership with a leading HIPAA consulting group, we are happy to offer our readers a series of free webinars. The titles and descriptions of and instructions for registering for this free series can be found within this article.
The Impact of Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries on Medicare Home Health
Twenty states have had their applications approved to participate in demonstration projects to test a bundled payment method for patients dually eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. Guest author Richard Chesney analyzes the projects state by state and explains in detail how home care agencies will be impacted by the payment system that evolves from these demonstrations.
Millions in Tax Credits Available to Employers; Most Leave it on the Table
Federal and state programs are trying to give for-profit corporations up to $9,000 in tax credits every time they hire a new employee. But if you don't ask for it, you don't get it. Now there is a service company that will handle the paperwork for you. Some large home care agencies and hospices are collecting millions of dollars per year.
FDA Posts New Rules for In-Home Medical Devices
If you sell or recommend prescription or over-the-counter medical devices for home use, those devices may be getting a design change or at least a new label. A new FDA guidance, entitled "Design Considerations for Devices Intended for Home Use," imposes stiffer requirements in the name of safety and effectiveness for class I, II, and III devices. While the draft guidance is not legally binding, it represents the FDA's current thinking on the subject.
What is Your Patient Data Worth...on the Black Market?
Healthcare fraud affects virtually every citizen and consumer, either by forcing higher healthcare costs, insurance premiums and taxes, or by posing a greater risk to personal privacy. A new report explains why healthcare fraud is such an attractive business.
You Can Drive Across A State Line, But Do Not Administer an Aspirin When You Get There
Two bills stalled in Congress for over a year would create a national licensing system for healthcare professionals, opening the door to increased use of telehealth systems, improved patient care, and drastically lower healthcare costs. The American Telemedicine Association needs everyone's help to get these bills out of committee and onto the House floor.
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