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When the Internet Touches Everything
If you are in business, if you use technology, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with -- and please excuse the cliché -- the next big thing. As reported in the new book, "Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things," by MIT Media Lab scientist David Rose, global networks of connected devices are becoming a standard, in healthcare as much as in other business and service sectors. What is "The Internet of Things?" It is a technology movement that home care agency and hospice owners and administrators must learn. It will become as critical as the mandate to become an expert in networking, mobile devices, telehealth, and HIPAA technologies.
Millions in Tax Credits Available to Employers; Most Leave it on the Table
Federal and state programs are trying to give for-profit corporations up to $9,000 in tax credits every time they hire a new employee. But if you don't ask for it, you don't get it. Now there is a service company that will handle the paperwork for you. Some large home care agencies and hospices are collecting millions of dollars per year.
FDA Posts New Rules for In-Home Medical Devices
If you sell or recommend prescription or over-the-counter medical devices for home use, those devices may be getting a design change or at least a new label. A new FDA guidance, entitled "Design Considerations for Devices Intended for Home Use," imposes stiffer requirements in the name of safety and effectiveness for class I, II, and III devices. While the draft guidance is not legally binding, it represents the FDA's current thinking on the subject.
What is Your Patient Data Worth...on the Black Market?
Healthcare fraud affects virtually every citizen and consumer, either by forcing higher healthcare costs, insurance premiums and taxes, or by posing a greater risk to personal privacy. A new report explains why healthcare fraud is such an attractive business.
You Can Drive Across A State Line, But Do Not Administer an Aspirin When You Get There
Two bills stalled in Congress for over a year would create a national licensing system for healthcare professionals, opening the door to increased use of telehealth systems, improved patient care, and drastically lower healthcare costs. The American Telemedicine Association needs everyone's help to get these bills out of committee and onto the House floor.
Two Online Training Users Relate Stories of Streamlined Processes and Happy Surveyors

Judith Peacock, RN, could write the book on how not to do staff training. Instead of writing that book, she hired an online training service that completely turned her New York hospice operation around...and slashed training costs at the same time.

Compliance Managers Andrea Sparks and Jenny Wilder used to dread surveyor visits to their Texas hospice. Now, instead of manually tracking training records and printing endless reams, they print a simple monthly course completion report for each employee, drop it into their personnel file, and show it to surveyors as soon as they request it. The result: no more surveyor training questions or challenges...none.

HIPAA Expert Guides VNS Through Breach Incident Without Fines or Penalties
Until she joined Carosh Compliance Solutions last week, Liz Mayer was the Director of Organizational Integrity for HCI-VNS Care Services in Des Moines, Iowa. While there, she had to deal with the consequences of a serious HIPAA breach. When all was said and done, the agency came through with no penalties or fines. That expertise is now available to Carosh Compliance clients throughout the Midwest.
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