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The ElevatingHOME Announcement: What It Means to You(4/21/2017)
The lawyers were confused. "Why are you inserting language about fiscal transparency and banning nepotism into the by-laws of your new organization? Nobody does that." "We are doing that," the Board of Directors of ElevatingHOME replied. More than any other statement in this week's special edition, this is the clue to why its founders believe a new national association is needed. In this rare opinion piece, editor Tim Rowan remembers a few other clues.
Letters to the Editor(4/12/2017)
Home Care consultant and former Addus CEO Mark Heaney shares his thoughts on the end of the road for Home Hero, the nation's first attempt to create a non-brick and mortar home care agency with independent, Form 1099 workers.
Mark Baiada's Legacy Will Long Outlive His Retirement Date(3/29/2017)
In 1975, Joseph Mark Baiada tapped his savings account, leased an office for $125 per month, hired a half-time nurse and a coordinator, and hung out the shingle "RN Home Health Care." On the occasion of his retirement announcement, we take a look at what kind of man could ride that hope and prayer — for 42 years with no investors and no other owners — into a multi-national, billion-dollar enterprise.
Open Your Heart With Ella(1/25/2017)
Bill Behnke is a longtime friend of this publication. He has been the General Manager of Signature Home Care in San Antonio and Austin from 1991 to 1995, then started Home Care Dimensions and built it until 1999. After that, he opened Respiratory Solutions and sold it in 2004. We are happy to run this story written by his daughter, who has beaten cancer, for now, and is raising funds for blood cancer research. Grab a tissue and open the article.
What CMS Should Do Instead of Pre-Claim Reviews(10/12/2016)
Why CMS would publish a report on Pre-Claim Review "successes" filled with spin and distorted data is not such a mystery. Editor Tim Rowan explains their motivation and recommends an alternative to universal Pre-Claim Reviews.
Insurance Industry Insider Incensed Over Ultimatums(10/5/2016)
If you deal with insurance companies, as a customer or as one of your payers, you need to keep an eye on what they are up to, and what they are planning depending on who wins the Presidency next month.
Is Your Online Reputation Hurting or Helping?(9/7/2016)
Online shopping, even in healthcare at home, has taken over. Your next client and/or referral source is not looking for your Yellow Pages ad. They are fast-forwarding through your TV spot. Google, Yelp, and Facebook are where they check you out by reading reviews from your existing clients. Do you even have any?
Google's New Rules Mean Businesses Must Change(9/7/2016)
It's not your fault. The world has changed. Your next client and your next superstar nurse are looking online for the best agency in town. And they are reading what your current patients and their families say about you. Are you?
But I Am Not a Salesperson! ... Oh, Yes You Are(8/31/2016)
Every employee is in sales, asserts Ohio sales trainer Lewis VanLandingham. To put his money where his mouth is, he has given us a fistful of free passes, worth $300, to his next seminar. We will be giving them out to HCTR subscribers next week at the OCHCH conference in Columbus.
It is not who we are, asserts commentator Michelle Boasten, it is who they think we are. She outlines what we need to do about the OIG telling CMS, and the world, that 60 percent of us are criminals.
Court Declares NAHC Violated Its Own By-Laws(7/20/2016)
The unfortunate story that began last October is nearly at an end. Joanne Cunningham and Laurie Neander were reinstated by a Washington DC Superior Court to the NAHC board as though their improper dismissal had never happened. Here is the complete story to this point.
HCA Updates Members After Winning NAHC Lawsuit(7/20/2016)
"HCA has been reasonable in its approach throughout," the Board of Directors of the Home Care Association of New York State informed its members last month. In a carefully worded announcement, HCANY related to HCA members its victory in a Washington DC Superior Court regarding the improper dismissal of two NAHC board members.
Agency Owner Finds Silver Lining in SCOTUS Support of Wage Rules(6/29/2016)
Guest author Jeffrey Grossman, Esq., considers the positive impacts of new wage protections on agency bottom lines.
HCTR Book Review: The Home Health Administrator's Handbook(6/22/2016)
This text should be in every healthcare at home agency, not on a bookshelf, on the administrator's desk.
New Research Presents Healthcare at Home Sector with Opportunity(5/4/2016)
Hospitals accidentally kill 700 people every day, new research claims. Are you telling your payers how much safer in-home care is?
Provider News: Awards and Acquisitions(4/13/2016)
— Great Lakes Caring Named "Best Place to Work"
— PromptCare Acquires Boston Home Infusion: New Jersey provider expands into New England via acquisition
Letters to the Editor(3/2/2016)
A reader helps explain Palmetto's garbled guidance to providers.
Letters to the Editor: Popular Consultant Survives Ransomware Attack(2/24/2016)
We said last week that the ransomware attack experienced by a Los Angeles hospital could happen to anyone, including you. Little did we know how true that statement is. It has already happened to someone we know well and you'll be surprised to see who is was. Proper planning, however, saved this victim from disaster. Read and learn from their CIO's experience-enhanced advice. It could be a life-or-death issue for your agency.
Leadership, Partnership, Branding Named Critical by Largest Healthcare at Home Providers(2/10/2016)
Home Care 100 execs agree that something must be done about their industry's image and how it impacts regulatory decisions.
Work for the Best Home Care Employer in Colorado Springs(2/1/2016)
NAHC Misstep Leads to Legal Challenge(1/27/2016)
In its January newsletter to members, the Home Care Association of New York State notified its members that it has filed a lawsuit over the improper October dismissal of two NAHC board members.
NAHC Board Expulsion Controversy Festers, Expands(12/2/2015)
We reported in our October 30 issue about the incident that created a rift between the National Association for Home Care and Hospice and its affiliate organization, the Forum of State Association Directors. New developments in the last two weeks indicate that rift may be wider than first thought.
State Associations Offended by NAHC Dismissal of Its Board Delegate(10/29/2015)
NAHC accused of violating its own by-laws.
Letters to the Editor(10/14/2015)
To 10 or not to 10? Reader offers expert feedback on our Windows upgrade advice.
When and Where Are Your Clinical Documents Completed?(10/14/2015)
The movement to require clinicians to complete all documentation in the presence of the patient is gaining momentum. In this opinion piece, editor Tim Rowan explains why timely charting is a critical survival strategy.

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