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Preventing Hospital Readmissions
Private Duty Agency Helps HHAs Achieve Near-Zero Hospital Readmission Rate(4/12/2017)
Outsourcing remote patient monitoring to Connected Home Living, a non-medical home care agency, has helped some northern and central California HHAs drive their 30-day hospital readmission rate to 1.77%.
Livongo Health Gets $52.5 Million to Combat Diabetes(3/15/2017)
General Catalyst and Kinnevik co-lead investment group that includes Microsoft Ventures. Proceeds will be used to accelerate growth, add new chronic conditions, speed international expansion.
Solutions for Our Fractured Health Care System(6/22/2016)
After watching the U.S. Healthcare system fall apart for 30 years, guest author Scott Herrmann just could not hold back any longer. He submitted these suggested solutions for your consideration.
Interoperability Not As Easy As It Looks: The VNAA Vendor Symposium(6/8/2016)
One of the capabilities that will define surviving private duty and Medicare providers of healthcare at home services will be Interoperability, exchange of patient information with acute care providers and others. As yet, there are no data exchange standards but the conversation has begun. We at HCTR plan to be in the middle of it. Here is the story of how we got involved and why we believe it is so important.
Understanding The Psychology of Choice(6/1/2016)
Learning the psychology of choice can help you to understand how a decision is made, putting you above your competition.
Reducing Readmissions with Transitional Care(3/16/2016)
Go into partnership discussions with hospital or ACO executives armed with this information we received courtesy of Parkview Hospital in Pueblo, Colorado and be treated like a hero.
Half Million Dollar Investment Will Help Tech Startup Further Reduce Hospital Readmissions(8/12/2015)
Investor was excited by Care at Hand's unique mobile app that enables non-clinical caregivers to turn patient observations into medical alerts, helping home care providers strategically target resources.
New Study Launched to Document Home Care's Actual Impact on Healthcare Outcomes and Costs(2/11/2015)
Where is the evidence, they ask, that in-home care services reduce hospital admissions, promote self-management of chronic conditions, and save payers more than they put into the home care system? Are there any studies that prove home care's efficacy? Is there proof that reducing home care spending increases net healthcare costs? Soon, the answer will finally be 'yes.' Harvard Medical School, Right at Home, and ClearCare software have launched a three-year study to definitively identify the savings that accrue to public and private payers when people are cared for at home.
In-Home Patient Portal Systems Can Control Avoidable Hospital Admissions(12/17/2014)
This week, grandCARE announced a new Brand Mark, betterCARE, to coincide with its new focus: better experience, better engagement, better patient outcomes. A new logo will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, an event which has placed a growing emphasis on digital healthcare in recent years. Chief Marketing Officer Laura Mitchell provided us with an excellent article analyzing the hospital readmission problem and the important role of technology in solving it.
Closing Emergency Rooms Raises Mortality Rate(8/6/2014)
Between 1999 and 2010, 48 emergency departments closed in California, nearly all of them in low-income neighborhoods. During that time, more than 16 million patients were admitted to California hospitals from an emergency department. Approximately 25 percent of these patients were admitted to a hospital near one of the 48 hospitals with a recently closed ER. These patients had 5 percent higher odds of inpatient mortality than patients who were admitted in areas where no emergency department had closed.
Predictive Modeling System Identifies At-Risk Patients, Helps Agencies Cut Readmission Rates(12/4/2013)
Alternative Solutions in Ohio and Alacare in Alabama have found a predictive modeling system that identifies patients at risk for premature, preventable rehospitalizations. Both have drastically reduced their hospital readmission rates, sometimes by as much as 35%.
Expansion in VNAA's Future? An Interview with CEO Tracey Moorhead(11/13/2013)
The new CEO of the VNAA was thriving in her previous role in community health and disease management before moving into home healthcare. Staff writer Audrey Kinsella spoke to her last month during the Partners Healthcare Connected Health Congress in Boston and came away convinced the VNAA is in for an era of positive change.
Yale Study: Communication Gap Between Hospital and Community Physicians Leads to Readmissions(9/4/2013)
Two new studies reported out last month by Yale School of Medicine give home healthcare organizations another argument to use when presenting their list of benefits to hospital executives concerned about controlling readmissions. Hospital-based physicians wash their hands at discharge, absolving themselves from responsibility for patient well-being once a patient trades in a hospital gown for street clothes. Discharge summaries are written days or weeks later and the patient's physician is left out of the loop, Yale researchers declared. Hospitals need your should tell them. Is your sales team doing anything more important today?
Managed Care Reduces Readmissions with Home Health Services(9/4/2013)
A survey of Managed Care Organizations has discovered that these insurance providers are learning the value of Population Health Management and home health partnerships in the effort to reduce hospital readmissions.
A Technology That Saved $1,225 Per Discharged Patient: The Telephone(9/4/2013)
It is not an exciting new technology but a boring old one that substantially reduced readmissions for 600 high-risk patients in a Wisconsin study.
CMS Makes Drastic Changes to the Way Your Hospital Readmission Rate is Calculated; You Must Adapt(6/19/2013)
Have you figured out what it means to you that CMS has changed the way it counts your hospital readmissions? We interviewed SHP CEO Barbara Rosenblum to get more detail on her recent blog note on the subject.
Telephone Talks with Nurse Can Reduce Hospital Re-admissions, Study Finds(6/19/2013)
One of the most technologically advanced universities in the nation, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has discovered the power of POTS Plain Old Telephone Sets to keep persons with chronic conditions safe at home, medication compliant and out of the hospital. If you have a telephone, you need to read the results of their study.
Are You Using Your Non-Clinical Caregivers Properly? (5/29/2013)
They care for about 10 million patients in their homes. Home Health Aids and private duty caregivers may not have the clinical language to describe what they observe the way a nurse would but they do see it, perhaps more frequently than a home care nurse does. ACOs need a way to leverage this daily patient contact to reduce readmissions and they will be seeking help from some home care providers. Guest writer Andrey Ostrovsky, MD, suggests the ACA means it is time to build bridges.
New Study Shows Personal Health Records Lead to Improved Health and Engagement for Seniors with Coronary Diseases(5/1/2013)
Often considered a population "too old" for computer-based communication tools, seniors were recently found to become more engaged when using electronic Personal Health Records, resulting in improved clinical outcomes. A recent study found a significant improvement in hemoglobin A1c levels as well as improved patient activation scores among seniors using a PHR.
NIH/CareAnyware Study Reveals Direct Relationship Between Depression and Rehospitalization(4/10/2013)
Frequently undiagnosed and rarely treated, depression is more prevalent among home care patients than in the senior population in general. But treating depression can significantly reduce avoidable hospital readmissions. A newly available, software-guided protocol based on research at Cornell University may give home healthcare nurses another weapon in the effort to keep their patients home.
Rumors Confirmed, Expanded; Cerner, McKesson, Allscripts to Establish Interoperability Standard(3/6/2013)
Last week, we reported that there were rumors about McKesson and Cerner working together to create a patient data sharing standard. On the first full day of the 2013 HIMSS meeting, the two competitors, plus three other vendors, confirmed the rumors with the announcement of the creation of the CommonWell Health Alliance. All hospital, physician and post-acute providers using software from vendors that have joined the alliance will be able to quickly and easily locate patient health records from any other member's EHR.
Cerner, McKesson Rumored to Start Joint Project; For Patient Outcomes? Or For Competition?(2/20/2013)
Apparently, it is not only politics that has the reputation of making strange bedfellows. What could have pushed hospital software giants McKesson and Cerner to join forces? And what might it mean for home healthcare providers attached to hospitals?
Founder of Las Vegas Post-Acute Care Network Taking Her Show on the Road(1/23/2013)
We promised we would keep readers up to date on the progress of the Community Health Innovation Network, a coalition of post-acute care providers that have driven readmission rates into single figures at twelve Las Vegas hospitals. This week, founder Janet Wheble, PA, announced that she is ready to teach others how to duplicate her formula.
Cigna Study Proves Case Manager Outreach Can Reduce Hospital Readmissions(1/16/2013)
A randomized control study found that prioritized, telephonic outreach by case managers following hospital discharge reduced future readmissions by 22 percent.
New Tool Allows You to Know A Hospital's Readmission Penalty Rate(1/16/2013)
Startup Health Recovery Solutions has created an online tool that calculates the Medicare penalty for every U.S. hospital. Home care agencies taking advantage of this tool could make their readmission mitigation partnership presentations to hospital executives, armed with their latest penalty numbers.

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