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Sometimes, you just want to know Mom is OK.

Healthcare involves much more than medications, bandages, and vital signs. Often, the most important component of a complete care plan is the patient's social environment, family and friends both near and far. Adult children who do not see the patient every day crave information, particularly the kind that will tell them when it is time for their loved one to transition from "aging in place" to "aging in place with help." Adult children living far away worry, understandably during this time of social distancing. With the added uncertainty about just how easy it is to catch a deadly virus if that distancing is not distant enough, just knowing puts a family's mind at ease.

This reporter can verify this concept from personal experience. "Are you staying away from people, Dad?" "Are you eating healthy meals, Dad?" "Can't you have your groceries delivered, Dad?" They worry.

Avanlee Care App

New, Family-Centric App

A Montana-based startup company just released a communications product to help families overcome the fear of the unknown. "Avanlee Care" is an easy-to-use app that provides families with the ability to virtually monitor, support, and care for their aging family members. The mobile application is timely because of the COVID-19 pandemic but its designer is certain it will be as useful after the present crisis subsides.

"It has long been a challenge to care for aging family members — whether they're only a few blocks away, or thousands of miles apart — and we've never before been able to do it virtually, until now," said Avanlee Christine, founder and chief executive officer of Avanlee Care. "With Avanlee, we take the complexity out of caring for your loved ones, helping them stay home and independent, while giving you peace of mind with visibility into their well-being through our app. the application is a highly user-friendly app for seniors that uses first-of-its kind, purpose-built technology. Its aim is to enable families to connect with seniors living alone more easily, especially during this time of social distancing."

Avanlee provides real-time data about a senior's location and activity and sends reminders and alerts through push notifications. Families can monitor the health and activity of their loved ones and stay connected with robust features within the app, including:

  • Appointment reminders and schedule tracker
  • Ability to coordinate tasks among the family
  • Keep track of medication schedules
  • Receive alerts if there is a problem or change of routine
  • Monitor vitals using connected devices.

Task Coordination

A problem arises when some adult children and other family members live near the elder and others live far away. CEO Christine told us that her app helps them coordinate activities. "They want to help their aging parent by taking care of certain tasks," she explained, "whether that includes physical care, bill paying, or managing medications. With the Avanlee Care app, they can let each other know, in real time, that they have completed a task, so that someone else does not duplicate it or be left wondering whether it was done."

In addition, she told us, the app's closed social network feature provides the connection seniors crave with access to the entire family. Using the communication tools within Avanlee, users can stay in touch with their family members in a safe and secure environment and use the power of the community to ensure that they are socializing regularly. While seniors are isolated amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the app provides an easy way for families to communicate and monitor the emotional and physical well-being of their loved ones.

"Given the far-reaching impacts of the pandemic, particularly when it comes to seniors, we have worked diligently to bring Avanlee to families everywhere sooner than planned," she said. It has already been a couple of months, but seniors will not be able to return to normal for much longer. Avanlee is here to help during this difficult time."

The Avanlee Care app is available for download on iOS, with Android availability coming soon. It can be used by a family group for $2.99 per month per user.

About Avanlee Care
Avanlee provides families with the ability to monitor, support and care for their aging family members virtually through its mobile application using advanced technology that is highly user-friendly for seniors. Avanlee Care is the only company of its kind with technology that provides a solution for families to care for seniors, whether five minutes away or 3,000 miles apart.


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