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by Tim Rowan, editor

One thing we know about hackers is that they are opportunists. We have already warned you about more frequent phishing attacks during the current pandemic by underworld actors who know workers might less careful about clicking on one of their malicious emails disguised to come from within your company. Just put CoronaVirus in the subject line and people will click before thinking, we said then.

Now, with millions of people in healthcare working at home, hackers are licking their lips. That LinkSys or NetGear router in your home is not likely to be as secure as the commercial Internet routers in your office. But there are safety measures you can and should take.

We found several tips you can use to build a better wall around patient information that might be traveling through your home Wi-Fi network. Rather than re-type them all, here are links to some of the better ones.


"Small Office/Home Office Router Security" from U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Router security: How to setup Wi-Fi router securely by Norton

Your Router's Security Stinks: Here's How to Fix It by Paul Wagensei, writing in "Tom's Guide"

How to harden your home router for maximum security by David Molnar

12 Steps to Enhance your Home Wireless Network Security by Ioana Rijnetu, writing in "Heimdal Security's" blog


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