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Attendance was up 14 percent from last year at the 2019 NAHC Conference & Expo in Seattle, reaching nearly 900, not counting speakers, special guests, and exhibit hall booth personnel. Here are a few of the more notable encounters we had in the exhibit hall.

Homecare Homebase was proudly introducing its newest client, Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care. Founded in 1997 in Illinois, Seasons serves patients and families from 30 sites in 19 states. Services include music therapy, Namaste care, a 24/7 US-based call center
staffed with RN's licensed in every state they serve, children’s bereavement camps, and palliative care, both in homes and through its freestanding and facility-based inpatient centers.

Home Health Notify has taken the concept of secure texting and re-imagined it expressly for home care. Messages are not only completely secure but can be directed to groups attached to a certain patient or to individuals within that group. The patient's physician can be copied on pertinent messages with a single click. We have seen a number of secure texting services but not one like this. Look for a detailed product review in an upcoming issue.

Excel Data is rebranding. The no-longer-startup data analysis company is now known as "Trella Health." With offices in Atlanta and Philadelphia, the company offers business development solutions for post-acute providers. President Jim McDevitt told us the new logo and name reflect their desire to help healthcare business grow and improve patient care through data. (He also mentioned they were hard to find in a Google search under their original name, for obvious reasons.)

FieldCentric is a Kronos partner company with a complete home health labor management solution that supports staff management and utilization. Functionality includes:

  • Shift scheduling and actuals (pulls in data from both HR and EMR applications to get a true view of available labor and work required)
  • Intra-shift appointment, task scheduling and execution
  • Intra-appointment dynamic routine execution, data and evidence capture
  • Full automated real time call-off / appointment change management with user opt-in “Find Work” opportunity
  • Comprehensive geo-location management and fraud prevention
  • Integrated social communications (peer-to-peer, team, manager to employee), engagement and support
  • Enrichment of actual data with necessary elements to support compliance (EVV), defendable billing and expense re-imbursement
  • Bi-directional integration with core systems including EMR (multiple EMR’s if necessary), reporting and learning management applications (though unified single-sign-on front end).


BKBooks is named after Barbara Karnes. We did not get to meet her but, according to the people in her booth, Barbara is uniquely responsible for filling a gap that often left families uninformed about the dying process.

Twenty-five years ago, they say, there was no information available for families about the dying process. Barbara Karnes changed all that. She is an award-winning end-of-life educator and award-winning nurse.

Now she believes home health nurses and home care workers need to hear her message as well. "Home health nurses do encounter dying patients and grieving families," Julia Karnes told us. "Hospice nurses are prepared to talk to families about it but others often are not." Her message is available in books, podcasts, and films:

  • Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience (paper and eBook; eBook available in English and Japanese)
  • The Eleventh Hour: A Caring Guide for the Hours to Minutes Before Death
  • A Time to Live: Living with a Life-Threatening Illness
  • My Friend, I Care: The Grief Experience
  • End of Life Guideline Series: an eBook compiling the above books (available in English and Spanish)
  • Pain at the End of Life (paper and eBook)
  • How Do I Know You? Dementia at the End of Life (paper and eBook)
  • You Need Care Too: Self Care for the Professional Caregiver (paper and eBook)

For children:

  • I Am Standing Upon the Seashore: End of Life Education, A Coloring Booklet
  • The Tree of Life: Coloring book and family tree
  • A Place in My Heart: When Our Pets Die (paper and eBook)

For professionals:

  • The Final Act of Living: Reflections of a Longtime Hospice Nurse (paper and eBook)
  • Knowledge Reduces Fear: A Resource for End of Life Education
  • New Rules for end of life care


  • Care for the Caregiver (25 minutes)
  • This is How People Die (3 1-hour segments)
  • Grief: Exploring the Process

Homasoft offers a Patent Pending business intelligence tool for home health, home care, and hospice. Think of it as a Proprietary Integration Technology that can provide a unified view of your entire operation by exchanging data among different systems.

Electronic physician communications

Though these three companies are not exactly identical, it will be a good idea to keep an eye on all of them if you have issues with timely, signed physician documents. All three are predicting new product announcements in the near future.

SutureHealthmakes it easy for physicians to sign orders for all their referral partners in one place, signing in to one portal. Founder and CEO Michael Blackstone, MD told us to look for additional product lines, perhaps before the end of the year.

Client Sidekick makes it easy for physicians to sign orders for all their referral partners in one place. Founder and CEO Ziad Kassab, also the owner of home care agencies in Michigan and California, was a bit tight-lipped about his upcoming announcement but promised he will let us know before it is released to the public.

Forcura announced a partnership with Wellsky. We have a full story on the two of them elsewhere in this week's issue.

Wound Care

Swift Medical, one of our sponsors, told us about two new partnerships with two other Rowan Report sponsors, Axxess and KanTime. We detail their new relationships elsewhere in this week's issue.

Corstrata was demonstrating the effectiveness of its virtual wound care system. They claim a 50 percent reduction in home health visits, a 30 percent reduction in wound care supplies costs, and a 30 percent reduction in wound healing time.

Personal Care Providers

Though they are not new companies and not making major announcements, we have to highlight and congratulate IDS, home of the  Generations Homecare System, and Shoshana Technologies, makers of the Rosemark Systems software tool, for exhibiting and supporting NAHC at a conference that many vendors and providers still believe caters mostly to the needs of home health and hospice providers. Both IDS VP Lisa Ferden and Shoshana Customer Care Manager Robin Tuck told us their trip to Seattle was well worthwhile.


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