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by Roger McManus, MBA

Facebook is committed to user experience. As such they focus strongly on how to balance your news feed with content you want and the ads they want you to see (it is how they make money).

If there is one thing consistent about Facebook it is change. They are constantly tweaking their algorithm to create a more effective user experience. To help you keep up with a few of the things that have become important to Facebook, I will lay out some things you should not do if you want your own Facebook news feed to get the best play.

  1. Never ask readers to do something for you directly. Do not ask them to like, share, or comment on a post. Let that happen naturally. Doing so will trigger a spam filter within Facebook.

  2. Never ask readers to buy anything. Pages are about sharing your interesting content, not pushing products or services. When Facebook sees "Download now" or "Click here for more information" or any other type of promotional language, you risk your organic reach. If you purchase a paid campaign, Facebook is perfectly happy with promotional language (it is how they make money.)
  3. Never link to YouTube videos in a Facebook post. Facebook has developed systems for you to upload native videos directly to your social media posts.  Using them will increase your reach and engagement.
  4. Never use text-only posts.When you are creating Facebook content, include more than text. Posts that are all words do not show up as well in newsfeeds because they just are not that interesting. Always integrate photos, videos or other interesting visuals with your message.
  5. Never just repost content from others. Facebook loves original content. If you see something you want to pass along, download it and add it to an original post from you and TAG the original creator (so you are not plagiarizing). You will get more engagement and likes than the traditional sharing approach.
  6. Never just repeat yourself. Posting content that is similar to things you have posted before will lower your rankings. Switch things up with fresh, unique content. It will help you keep followers once you earn them.
  7. Never post without tagging. When a post tags a different Facebook page, it obtains better results. This is particularly true if your page tags a page with a similar audience. To not do so simply wastes an opportunity to get broader reach for your efforts.
  8. Never leave your Facebook Business Page incomplete. Fill out as many fields as possible. This gives potential followers a clearer idea of who you are and what your agency does.

Social media is all about building relationships, trustworthiness and authority. This is accomplished by posting interesting content related to your business, including visually stimulating imagery and not overtly promoting. You will be more widely read – and likely get more phone calls – than if you did not do so.

Does it seem a bit too much trouble? It can be challenging with the myriad of other things on your desk. If you decide to outsource the task, I should let you know that one of the services provided by Rowan Reputation Resources is auto-posting relevant content and images for you three times per week, leaving you the opportunity to post for yourself when you want (but, don't have) to. Send us a note and we will get in touch to talk about it.

Roger McManus, MBA, is an online marketing consultant and a principal with our sister company, Rowan Reputation Resources. He can be reached at 719-992-0390 or


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