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WellSky, a health and community care technology company backed by TPG Capital, has announced the release of an enhanced data analytics solution for home health care providers. To be called WellSky Home Health CareInsights™, the new module is powered by algorithms based on historical data from more than 7 million home health patient episodes.

The goal is to equip both care managers and clinicians with predictive insights on patient real-time hospitalization risk, social determinants of health, care setting suitability, and Low Utilization Payment Adjustment (LUPA) risk.

We spoke with Wes Little, Wellsky's VP of Applied Insight. He told us that CareInsights™ was released last month at the company's user conference. It had been in beta testing with five customers for a month and a half and they are already starting to record success stories. "The solution's ability to provide LUPA avoidance information and predictive analytics has lead to early adopters using it many times per day," he told us. "It puts the power of predictive insights into the pocket of every caregiver."

CareInsights™ equips home health clinical staff with a real-time snapshot of each patient’s clinical and non-clinical risk factors directly within clients’ WellSky Home Health EHR software through the addition of a companion module. CareAssist resides in core record in the Wellsky EMR. Anyone who sees a patient can see the data. "Because it is available to case managers and nurses in the field," Little continued, "it can help guide care planning and utilization by comparing each new patient with identical previous patients, to see how many visits turned out to be optimal in the past."

Major advance over previous solution

Before becoming part of the Wellsky group of companies, Kinnser had introduced a data analytics product, RiskPoint, which became their best-selling add-on. The most important of the many advances found in CareInsights™ is that its analyses are available on mobile devices to clinicians in the home. "We the market going toward value and outcomes," he told us, "and we wanted to build an advanced evolution of what analytics could be. This got us thinking in the direction of rehospitalization risk. We found that, on average, high-risk patients are five times more likely to be hospitalized than low-risk patients."

Wellsky's response was to create a real-time algorithm. "The moment new information is entered, the analytics update immediately," he continued. "That change has allowed us to factor in co-morbidities and social determinants of health, which enables users to assess risk in order to decrease hospital readmissions and develop better utilization policies, as well as identify which patients are suitable for hospice.

Supervisors get bigger picture

For agency administrators, WellSky Home Health CareInsights™ analyzes entire patient populations to provide a comprehensive view of key factors that inform quality patient care. The technology's CareCommand™ feature helps home health administrators deploy the right clinical resources at the right time to improve patient outcomes and decrease hospital readmissions. Little asserts that CareInsights™ will help agencies thrive under PDGM by delivering the advanced technology and data analytics that home health professionals need to proactively manage their patient populations, succeed in value-based care environments, and maximize efficiencies.


Industry veterans develop new home care EMR

Wichita, Kansas SwyftOps is new software for home care operations management, developed by veteran home care industry professionals. Developers Plamen Ratchev, Bruce Berglind and other experts on their team have worked with, learned from, and advised thousands of business owners in the home care industry. Their newly-released software option is a product of their more than 60 years of collective experience. 

Built on a HIPAA-, PCI- and SOX-compliant platform, SwyftOps is engineered for security at all levels, and eliminates risks of significant electronic visit verification penalties. The cloud-based platform is also unified and optimized for speed across any device, a convenience that the SwyftOps team says was a top priority.

"We recognize the demands placed upon home care operators," said company president Berglind. "These challenges cannot be ignored. That's why we created uniquely intuitive features within SwyftOps. Business owners should never have to worry about software compromising their operations or coming up short of governmental mandates. SwyftOps has a solid scheduling component with robust payroll and billing capabilities. So many aspects of a home care operation rely on accurate scheduling – payroll, billing, bookkeeping, regulatory compliance, resource planning, and both client and employee satisfaction."

Platform features include smart schedule matching (based on availability, skills, proximity and much more), variable schedule management, interactive staff and family portals, flexible notifications, optimized travel directions, and compatibility with QuickBooks, Frax, and multiple payroll and billing solutions.

SwyftOps fees are based on scheduled hours. Berglind explained that this prevents penalizing agencies with shorter shifts, as well as those with higher billing rates. Monthly fees start at $100 for up to 250 hours, (or 40 cents per hour), then quickly decrease to as low as 1 cent per hour as agencies grow. SwyftOps accepts transferred data from most legacy systems and allows for unlimited clients, shifts, employees, and users with fully customizable permissions. Within any state, a SwyftOps user can partition unlimited locations, zones, and territories.


Former CEO of Philips' Personal Health Business takes the reins at SoClean

Peterborough, New Hampshire (Sept. 26, 2019)— SoClean, creator of the first automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer, announced that it has engaged Egbert van Acht as its global business growth advisor. As the former CEO of the Personal Health business for Philips, van Acht was responsible for over $7 billion in sales globally. He led various successful global businesses including Oral Healthcare (Philips Sonicare), Beauty, Male Grooming, Kitchen Appliances, Mother & Childcare, and more recently Sleep & Respiratory Care (Philips Respironics).

An estimated 1 billion people worldwide suffer from sleep apnea, and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is the commonly prescribed treatment for the condition. SoClean's innovative device naturally sanitizes CPAP equipment without the need for disassembly, water or harsh chemicals. Headquartered in the U.S., the company has now expanded to Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, with plans to open in Australia and Asia soon.


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