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When she began her home health career as a Personal Care Attendant, Kristen Duell envisioned an exceptional career but never could have imagined the journey that has led to to CEO of Savii, In. Today, as she marks the end of her first year as CEO of home care EMR vendor Savii, Kristen can only shake her head in awe at a journey that has taken her through positions of increasing responsibility at five home care tech companies without ever actually applying for a job.

The road to the top at Savii included stops in implementation and training program coordination, customer support, partner liaison, sales, and VP of Marketing, each job change the result of an invitation, not an application. UK-based healthcare investment firm H.A.S. Technology met Kristen during her tenure at an EVV company they once supported. When they heard Savii's founder was interested in retiring, HASTL won the bid to acquire and immediately asked Kristen to take the helm.

"I was happy where I was as Marketing VP with a really good company," she told us, "but  H.A.S. Technology wouldn't take no for an answer and finally wore me down. I'm glad they did."

Powerful New Team

Under Duell's leadership and H.A.S. Technology's dedication to investing in success, Savii has undergone a transformation. CEO Duell is building a growing team. With recent strategic additions that include Ashley Wharton as SVP of Technology and Keri Lemont as VP of Growth and Optimization, Savii quickly broke through the 30-client ceiling against which previous ownership struggled. 

"It helped a great deal that some legacy employees stayed on for a period of time to help preserve corporate memory and aid in the conversion to a new database and programming language," she added.

Technology SVP Wharton came to Savii from a long career at Bayada Home Health. One of his first decisions was to upgrade Savii's underlying platform from "MySQL" to Microsoft SQL. "This gives us the tools to add features our customers need," Wharton said, "especially an easy user interface. I believe if you have to explain the UI, you haven't built it right."

Crossing the Pond

Ms. Duell has also hired three customer support and software development personnel to work from HASTL's headquarters in Birmingham, England. "This gives us the ability to provide support around the clock," she explained, "and positions us well when we are ready to take on international customers." Until that day, Savii will focus on growing its U.S. market with non-medical home care agencies. Their most recent new customer, a large New York LHCSA, was announced just last week (see the press release reprinted below).


For its Medicaid customers, Savii is ready to meet the January EVV mandate. They will offer an EVV module of their own and have a way to integrate with state-assigned data aggregators for those customers who choose to use the state's EVV system. "Our own EVV offering will come with a small transaction fee per call but it will be priced so it just covers our costs, not become a profit center for us," she added.

Staff Retention Strategy: Keep Them Happy, Educated

We asked her what she has found to be her customers' biggest problem and how she plans to have Savii address it. Of course, the new CEO started with staff recruitment and retention. "Our philosophy is that 'speed to onboard' is the best answer to staff retention," she asserted. "We think our ability to implement a new customer in 30 days helps our customers keep people happy because it creates minimal disruption to their work routine. Our software also broadcasts available shifts so care workers can easily fill their open hours."

Another staff retention tool Ms. Duell believes in is education. Earlier this month, Savii integrated its software with Nevvon, a home and health care technology company that both provides online education and certifies caregivers for the annual education they are mandated to earn. (See "Vendor Watch" 8/14/19)

"We want to help our customers deliver environments where their in-home caregivers are inspired to work with them," she summarized, "Savii is for the customer that knows the industry is changing and they must adapt to grow with it."


Link Home Care Signs With Savii


TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 16, 2019 — Link Home Care Services, cutting-edge LHCSA and CDPAP provider out of New York, has selected Savii Inc. as  its home care software platform. Their partnership formed due to shared values and desire to drive innovation in the home care industry.


Link CEO Hillel Adelman said, "I found Savii's approach to technology to be very attractive. As many of them have delivered care themselves, they know exactly what agencies need. The Savii team has built their technology around the industry instead of building the technology and forcing the industry into their business processes."


Since the beginning of the relationship, Savii and Link have worked together to identify opportunities to streamline processes through technology. The initial focus is on Link's consumer-directed care program (CDPAP), a complex business that will benefit from automation. Both partners believe that Link's experience in the CDPAP space, combined with Savii's expertise in rapidly developing solutions, will provide a win for both companies.


Savii CEO Kristen Duell states, "We are excited to see what the future of this relationship will bring, as we strive together to make a change and be disrupters in this industry."


About Link

Link Home Care prides itself with delivering customized, individualized and professional care to each one of its clients. "We utilize a team-centered approach to caregiving, which involves the client, family and all healthcare professionals in all facets." Link Home Care makes a conscious effort to match the personalities of caregiver and client to best assure client security, serenity, and trust.


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