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Kindred Healthcare, LLC and Netsmart announced on December 18 a partnership to create what the companies describe as a unique, technology-driven clinical platform that surpasses the traditional boundaries of electronic medical records and aligns with the needs of the evolving value-based care environment. Through this partnership, the companies expect to build and support integrated post-acute solutions, improve care outcomes and address gaps in patient care.

We spoke with Netsmart VP Kevin Scalia to get his take on the partnership. He told us Netsmart will not only benefit from work Kindred software developers have been doing but that his company will hire some of them to work full-time on developing the new product. "It will be based on our existing platform," he explained, "but together we will expand it to be of service to all the post-acute product lines Kindred encompasses."

The ultimate goal, Scalia said, is to enhance care coordination across Kindred's long-term acute care hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, home health and hospice services by creating a fully interoperable clinical platform that meets the distinct requirements of aging services and post-acute care. "The new interoperable system, once complete, will be based on our platform and reside across our network," he added.

Together, Kindred and Netsmart expect to rapidly expand the functionality of Kindred's existing proprietary medical records solutions to address needs in information exchange and care coordination at Kindred’s LTAC hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and Lacuna Health, a nationwide provider of registered nurse-led care engagement solutions. The combination of teams will begin immediately and expect to start deploying the solutions over the next several months.

"As a leader in the use of EMRs in LTAC hospitals, we recognize the need to adapt as the healthcare industry quickly moves to a value-based care model," said Benjamin A. Breier, Kindred's President and Chief Executive Officer. "Netsmart has a proven track record of innovation and experience connecting major acute care hospitals with post-acute services and a shared vision of future healthcare needs. Together, we will have more than 2,500 years of post-acute and software development experience and be well positioned to create a next generation, fully integrated post-acute platform."

Charlie Wardrip, Kindred’s Chief Information Officer, said, "Kindred is committed to developing clinical, rehabilitation and care management innovations and solutions for the most medically-complex patients. As we combine the resources and expertise of our two organizations, our collaboration with Netsmart will strengthen our ability to provide coordinated, quality-driven patient care across the continuum. We look forward to working with Netsmart to capitalize on this unique opportunity."

"This partnership advances our objective of developing a clinical platform for providers that are integrated with post-acute care," said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine. "These provider organizations require comprehensive platforms built to meet their unique needs, and we look forward to addressing that market opportunity by collaborating with Kindred. This partnership has the potential to advance the entire market and we couldn't be more excited about the opportunity to work with Kindred in this effort."

About Kindred Healthcare
Kindred Healthcare, LLC is a healthcare services company based in Louisville, Kentucky with annual revenues of approximately $3.3 billion1. At September 30, 2018, Kindred through its subsidiaries had approximately 37,400 employees providing healthcare services in 1,894 locations in 45 states, including 74 long-term acute care hospitals, 22 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, 11 sub-acute units, 98 inpatient rehabilitation units (hospital-based) and contract rehabilitation service businesses which served 1,689 non-affiliated sites of service. Ranked as one of Fortune magazine’s Most Admired Healthcare Companies for nine years, Kindred’s mission is to promote healing, provide hope, preserve dignity and produce value for each patient, resident, family member, customer and employee.
1Revenues for the last twelve months ended September 30, 2018.

About Netsmart
Netsmart designs, builds and delivers electronic health records, solutions and services for care team members in behavioral health, care at home, senior living and social services that enable secure integration of information across communities, collaboration on the most effective treatments and improved outcomes for those in their care. Netsmart's more than 1,700 associates work hand-in-hand with 600,000+ users in more than 25,000 organizations across the U.S. Netsmart supports the EveryDayMatters® Foundation, which was established for behavioral health, care at home, senior living and social services organizations to learn from each other and share their causes and stories.


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