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Digging through bank accounts and credit card records no longer has to be a six-month ordeal for a grieving family.

DENVER, CO — December 5, 2018 — Aspen Digital Life, a provider of an automated technology platform to streamline digital life and digital legacy management, announced today the closing of its initial round of funding. The company, which creates technology to identify and prioritize digital footprints, will be using the funding to deliver its first product and support the initial rollout in North America.

"This funding is the first step in our investment plan, helping us deliver product, and accelerate growth after launch," said Tim Colleran, Aspen Digital Life’s Founder and CEO. "As people spend more and more time online for business and personal use, the need for automated software to trace and manage digital assets has never been more urgent."

Based on his own personal experiences, Colleran wanted to create a platform to remove the time, energy and frustration of manually finding and curating a loved one’s digital life. We obtained a pre-release version of the tool and tested it on an office desktop PC running Windows 10.

[Editor's note: over the last few years, this writer has experienced the passing of two loved ones. The process of manually searching computer files looking for bank accounts, credit card numbers, and insurance policies while in the throes of grieving can only be described as agonizing.]

After a quick, flawless installation, the Aspen Digital Life system found nearly 3,000 web sites I had visited via two different browsers. The entire search took less than three minutes and produced an attractive, easily interpreted report. Sites visited were sorted by type, then by frequency of visits, with bookmarked sites filtered to the top. I saw exactly how many times I had visited my bank accounts and credit cards, but I also saw hotel and airline sites, Facebook and LinkedIn, and hundreds of others I had fully forgotten.

The primary use, of course, is to streamline the process of closing out the estate of a deceased family member. A months-long ordeal when attempted manually, the Aspen Digital Life Manager™ can turn it into a week's project. It does not detect passwords but it does point heirs to the banks and other places that need to be contacted.

As described by the company's news release, Aspen Digital Life Manager™ allows people to automatically reduce expenses, preserve digital keepsakes, reduce the risk of identity theft, and focus on more important things during a difficult time when peace of mind really matters. Founder and system designer Timothy Colleran put it this way, "In 15 minutes, we can create a snapshot in time that identifies up to 90% of the critical online services a person uses and prioritize the most important activities by recognizing, categorizing and even providing feedback related to bookmarked or logged accounts as well as the number of times a website has been visited."

Aspen Digital Life is a client company of Innosphere, Colorado's leading incubator for high-tech companies. "Innosphere is thrilled to have played a role in the development of Aspen Digital Life and looks forward to their next chapter of growth," said Tom Fuhr, Innosphere Program Director for South Denver/Castle Rock. "Aspen Digital Life has demonstrated they have a great team plus the discipline to create effective market strategies and growth plans that will be successful in the marketplace."

Aspen Digital Life Manager™ is available today via an early access program.

About Aspen Digital Life
Aspen Digital Life provides the first-ever automated digital legacy management platform for individuals, families, financial planners, estate planners and other partners to find, catalog and manage a person's digital footprints in life and through death. Owned and operated by Janika Systems, Inc., the company is headquartered in Centennial, Colorado.

About the Innosphere
Innosphere accelerates the success of high-impact science and technology-based startup and scaleup companies. Innosphere's incubation program focuses on ensuring companies are investor-ready, connecting entrepreneurs with experienced advisors, making introductions to corporate partners, exit planning, and accelerating top line revenue growth. Innosphere supports entrepreneurs in many industries, including but not limited to: bioscience; medical device; cleantech; energy; advanced materials; hardware; IoT; and enterprise software. Innosphere has been supporting startups for 20 years, has locations in Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver, and Castle Rock, and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a strong mission to create jobs and grow Colorado’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.


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