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Has this ever happened to you? The boss walks into your office and says, "We're required to have a Privacy Officer in order to be compliant with HIPAA regulations and Julia just quit. So you're it."

Certainly, you know a little about HIPAA. Maybe you know the privacy regulations in some degree of detail. Doubtful that you know the specific responsibilities of a Privacy Officer. Highly unlikely you already happen to be certified. So you start reading and studying and hoping for the best, all while continuing to maintain the duties of your original full-time job description.

Finally, there is now more than hope that you can become a certified Privacy Officer. Poof! it can happen in two days.

Carosh Compliance Solutions this week announced the launch of a new, 2-day training course for new and experienced home health and home care privacy officers. "Privacy Officer Organizational Fundamentals" (POOF) is an intensive course that will be offered initially in locations across Iowa, starting later this month.1

We spoke with Carosh COO Kathryn Kennedy to learn more about the program. "This intensive training provides a foundational understanding of the concepts of privacy and data protection laws for individuals to help them to excel in their role of managing privacy and security programs," she told us.

"In our practice, we find many clients have been thrown into the role of a privacy officer without adequate training or support," added Roger Shindell, President, Founder & CEO of Carosh Compliance Solutions. "Having limited or inadequate training sets them up for failure. We understand that individuals tasked to implement and manage privacy of protected health and personal information may be missing the requisite training for success. Therefore, we developed POOF training to address this critical problem."

Ms. Kennedy explained that "POOF" is designed to provide a foundation for individuals tasked with the responsibility of managing their organization’s Privacy Program. "This two-day training will provide the knowledge and skills to design, implement and manage a Privacy Program, evaluate its effectiveness, and assess vendors offering related services.

Through its reciprocal relationship with the International Association of Privacy Professionals,2 Carosh Compliance Solutions can prepare its students for CIPM, the Certified Information Privacy Manager exam, a first step toward becoming a privacy professional. "Many people study on their own and take the CIPM test," Ms. Kennedy told us, "but IAPP has made it clear that almost no one passes their test on the first try. Our 2-day intensive at least gives new Privacy Officers a fighting chance to get their certification."

The IAPP was founded in 2000 with the mission to define, support and improve the privacy profession globally. IAPP and its certification, the CIPM, is recognized around the world as a leader in the privacy and security industry and is relied on by such companies as Google, Oracle, and CISCO as the 'go to' certification for their privacy officers.

In addition to providing the fundamentals to succeed at their position as a Privacy Officer, Ms. Kennedy continued, POOF is designed to provide the foundational knowledge for the attendee to sit for CIPM. 

About Carosh Compliance Solutions
Carosh Compliance Solutions is a HIPAA consulting company committed to helping clients implement a privacy and security program that will both minimize the risk of having a breach and assist in passing regulatory scrutiny. Carosh Compliance Solutions not only provides training and security support, but also helps guide clients should they have a breach.

1 June 25-26 or June 27-28, Wildwood Lodge, Clive, IA.



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