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At this year's Homecare 100 meeting, interoperability was central to nearly every keynote presentation, panel discussion, and breakout session. While everyone else defined it as a technology problem, we found a different approach, a hidden gem tucked away in a lightly attended, late-afternoon breakout presentation. Greg Bellomy, Chief Strategic Growth Officer for Bayada Home Health Care, revealed a list of pointers based on his company's success providing case management services to senior living facilities. Here is a taste of the Bayada strategy.

  1. The role of home health and hospice in the post-acute environment is one of advocacy rather than opportunity."This is not about grabbing market share from your peers. This is about position yourself as a trusted advisor."
  2. Before offering your services to a provider of another post-acute segment, get your house in order."A track record of great service, demonstrated by outcomes and star ratings, coupled with financial strength, are attractive to owners of senior living facilities."
  3. Make a list of every PAC provider in your neighborhood:
    1. Senior living
    2. Fitness/Wellness
    3. Outpatient Therapy
    4. Pharmacy/Nutrition
    5. Specialty Care
    6. Mental/behavioral Health
    7. Family/caregiver individuals and networks
  4. Learn everything about the evolving post-acute care environment:
    1. ACOs in your neighborhood: which type(s), ownership, financial stability
    2. Bundled payment models and value-based payment: who is already engaged in them?
    3. STAR ratings of other PAC providers
    4. Readmission penalty status, including dollar amounts, of every hospital you intend to approach.
  5. learn everything about your target senior living facilities
    1. Their clients
    2. Their administration and staff
    3. Their families: socio-economic; do they live near or far?
    4. Their competition
  6. Your staff must be top notch, engaged in your mission statement:
    1. Have a passion for the senior population
    2. Vetted with the community
    3. Strong interpersonal and collaboration skills
    4. Willing to work longer days
  7. Focus and Scale Matter
    Bayada analyzes every market area in which it has an office. They treat the pursuit of case management contracts with senior living facilities as a deliberate endeavor, not a side activity. Before approaching the management of a senior facility, they study the interrelationships between that organization and local health systems. By the time they sit down for an initial discussion, they are already familiar with the needs of that specific community. Rather than conduct a casual "here's how wonderful we are" meeting, they present site-specific plans to address pain points of that facility, complete with measures of success.

Partnership, shared risk, accountability. Bellomy believes any home health and/or hospice provider can do what Bayada has done. The question is, who will do it?

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