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Attendees at AlayaCare's "Better Outcomes 2017" user group meeting were a mix of Medicaid, Private Duty, Nursing, Therapy, SMB, Enterprise and international agencies from as far away as Australia. It gave attendees an opportunity to learn more about AlayaCare’s vision, to collaborate with other home care and health professionals and ideate with software engineers, product managers and designers to solve the issues faced by a number of departments and persons delivering healthcare in the home. Some of the topics explored in the conference were the following:

Home Care Technology North and South
Tim Rowan, author and industry expert on home care, provided relevant context to delivering care in today’s world. He provided context into the big picture of the challenges and opportunities faced by home care providers. His insights into the role of technology helped kick off the conference and broadened the perspective of the audience, encouraging them to embrace solutions for remote monitoring, predictive analytics, and physician and patient portals. He also advocated for more client-oriented perspectives through the use of online reviews to promote an agency where people actually search today: Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

The Smartphone (Doctor) Turns Ten
PwC’s Health practice leader, Will Falk, curated relevant statistics, data, and insights that helped attendees realize the crucial role of home and community care for health systems. Will painted a picture of the role of mobile and how the technology will continue to evolve and shape the industry.

Scheduling Optimization
Schedule and route optimization in home and community care. AlayaCare’s VP of Engineering, VHA’s Director of IT and the PHD chair of optimization Louis-Martin Rousseau discussed the business context, challenges and design of the algorithm that reshuffles schedules based on a number user selected criteria such as continuity, skills, travel distance and other hard and soft constraints.

Remote Monitoring and Big Data Applications
Machine Learning and predictive analytics for remote and vital tracking. Dr. Carolyn McGregor shared her experience in streaming vitals and big data analytics in neo-natal infants and her work with AlayaCare's work on remote monitoring data for reduction in ER and Re-hospitalization of CHF and COPD clients.

UX and Design around a more integrated care plan that sees more interdependence, logic and decision support use cases between all of the sometimes-disparate functions of:

Plan of Care
Task management and clinical pathways
Mobile point of care
QA and clinical best practice

There were a number of breakout sessions that brought together attendees of various roles and perspectives to discuss and contribute to some of the following areas of running a home care business:

Implementation and post go live best practices; AlayaCare’s VP of Client Success Gosia Radaczynska and Director, Client Success Kristen Saldanha shared a new methodology and critical success factors on how to be more effective and efficient with AlayaCare
Optimization and Machine Learning Workshop – AlayaCare’s senior product team engage audiences and selected candidate projects for AlayaLabs to investigate innovative solutions to problems across a number of operational and clinical areas
A variety of product workshops where clients, designers, developers and business leads collaborated on new approaches to streamlining the following areas:
o Finance: Statements and Balance Management
o KPI development
o Coordination efficiencies in the intake process
o Advance Form development with logic and data validation

AlayaCare’s leadership recognized that bringing together their clients in a collaborative setting with their software engineers, designers, product managers and client success managers would help to support the company mission to deliver better health outcomes. The energy generated by the collection of clients, industry speakers and AlayaCare staff was incredible, not to mention the scenery of the Canadian side of Niagara Falls from the hotel windows.

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