Volume 9, Number 44 September  9, 2020

Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague,

The virus pandemic that will not go away continues to change the way healthcare is delivered, and to put physical and emotional pressure on those who deliver it. This week, we explore those changes from different angles, with some of our reports aimed at non-medical home care providers, others at home health agencies, and some at both.

Non-medical caregiving is now the single largest profession in the country, when both in-home and residential workers are counted. Not-for-profit advocacy group PHI shared with us their brand new, 36-page report. Read our summary of PHI's research into demographics, pay rates, turnover, and the nearly impossible number of workers that will soon be needed. Then follow our link to the complete report.



Skilled nursing facilities are losing residents by the thousands, some to COVID-19, some to their homes out of fear of COVID-19. We take a deep dive into the phenomenon and propose steps both home health and home care can take to welcome these SNF refugees.

Data Governance Strategies are what turn data into actionable information. Staff writer Darcey Trescone outlines the importance of managing data, from clinical documentation through management reports. "Having" data is not the same as "governing" data. Wise advice.



Social Media will bite you...eventually. Guest author Elizabeth Hogue, Esq. offers a harsh warning about corporate liability for what employees do and say online.

CMS News: two important announcements this week. CMS has launched home health quality reporting training. Plus, there is now one "compare" web site instead of separate sites posting the CMS scoring system for hospitals, doctors, home health, and nursing homes.



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Have a great, week. Stay healthy and keep making a difference!

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Tim Rowan

Report: Direct Care Workers Now Largest Occupation in U.S.
Still among lowest paid, in-home and residential caregivers outnumber every occupation in the country. 8.2 million more needed in less than 10 years.

Home or Nursing Home? COVID Makes the Choice Clearer
In response to the pandemic, residential facilities are shedding residents and employees. Why shouldn't home health and home care pick up the slack?

The Value of Data Integrity and Governance
Data is not information. From clinical documentation at the point of care to monthly and quarterly reports generated for business intelligence uses, Data Governance Strategies are a necessary management tool.

Social Media Will Bite You!
Can your employees' social media posts on their own page on their own time bring your agency down? An attorney says 'yes.'

CMS News: New Training, New HH Compare
— Home Health Quality Reporting Training announced
— Home Health Compare merged with all other "Compare" databases

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As of this date, approximately 38,940,000 Baby Boomers have become Medicare eligible.


Last Week's Most-Read Stories:

Florida Hospice Selects Netsmart
Haven Hospice serves 18 Florida counties. Entire staff was empowered to make the software selection decision.

Rapid Technology Evolution Drives the In-House Skills Needed
Beyond working to build a user community that is savvy of technology and possesses the adaptive attributes needed, companies will likely require some level of highly technical knowledge and skills in-house.

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