Volume 9, Number 44 September  23, 2020

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Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague,

This week's top news story may upset Medicare providers more than last week's most-read news story. We told you about Administrator Seema Verma being accused of spending Medicare funds on herself. Now, after a 35-day delay, Administrator Verma has finally released payback and reporting guidance for those who received emergency PRF payments under the CARES Act.

Much of what these providers were counting on regarding repayment has changed, for the worse. Some will have to pay it all back. Many who thought they were under the threshold to report how they spent PRF funds will be dismayed that the threshold has moved from $150,000 to $10,000. If you took advantage of this emergency program, start with Darcey Trescone's report, "Recipients of HHS Provider Relief Fund Payments Surprised by New Use Guidance," below.

It may be little consolation but CMS also announced this week that 33 states will be give addition funds to help transition patients from residential facilities to the community. If your state is on the list, there could be significant Medicaid money involved. See this week's "CMS News" column.



As I write this, our nation is in the fourth or fifth crisis of 2020. After being hit with a once-in-a-century pandemic, record-breaking hurricanes and wildfires, a strange new Medicare payment system, serious accusations of wrongdoing against our CMS Administrator, and the loss of a beloved Supreme Court Justice, now we have to somehow survive a simultaneous election and divisive political battle that could impact the future of the Affordable Care Act.

Through it all, home health, hospice, and home care continue to demonstrate that you are the solution to many of these challenges. As we reported last week, Skilled Nursing Facilities are emptying out and in-home caregivers are answering the call. As it has always done, our little corner of the healthcare world delivers comfort, healing, and cost savings, all through the sacrifice and compassion of selfless field and office staff. Sooner or later, politicians at the source of many of these crises will be coming to you for healthcare. Knowing you, the care you give will be as professional and compassionate as the care you would give to elderly patients who never lied to you, never denied science, and never burdened you with onerous regulations and reimbursement rates.


Grandma Zooms

Home Care Providers: One way to tell that a sector is growing is to count the number of software companies that spring up to serve it. By that standard, non-medical home care must be booming. This week, we review an agency management product that was introduced at the HCAOA meeting last year but is now making waves following sales wins in tight competitive contests with a couple of national organizations, against some more established competitors. Click below on "SwyftOps Enters the Non-Medical Software Arena" to read our review of the new company's private duty agency management system.




5-Star Review

Everybody: Over the last few years, we have made a point of bring you up to speed on the opportunities that come your way thanks to social media. This week's lesson is an important one because it also points out the dangers of not nurturing your online reputation. Guest author Roger McManus, MBA, begins his combination primer and warning with the premise, "Your online reputation is there for all the world to see whether you pay attention to it or not." Don't miss this week's entry on Roger's educational and entertaining series, "Three Reasons Online Reviews Matter." This will also be the topic of an upcoming webinar Roger and I will be doing for Ankota. Watch this space for date and time details.




Worth the trip (to MS Teams or Zoom)

"PREPARATION FOR A NEW NORMAL: INFECTION CONTROL" is a free webinar hosted by our friends at Savii. It is set for Tuesday, October 20, at 1:00 PM EDT. The instructor will be James Cohen, founder and CEO of Nevvon, an online education service. James' educational background is in finance and healthcare, while his business experience has been in the delivery of healthcare. Before starting Nevvon, James founded and exited a technology-enabled home care provider which serviced 2 countries and 3 States. Click here for more information.

If technology is more your style than infection control, put AlayaCare's next free webinar on your calendar. Earn 1 CEU by attending "Telehealth in Home Health Beyond the Public Health Emergency." Featured speakers are Irina Gorovaya, owner and president of Amity Healthcare Group, and AlayaCare Account Executive Erin Vallier.

I'll try to find more uplifting news next week. Until then, stay healthy and keep making a difference!

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Tim Rowan

Recipients of HHS Provider Relief Fund Payments Surprised by New Use Guidance
This new notice to PRF recipients may find some surprised healthcare providers owing some, if not all, of their payments back to HHS.

Three Reasons Reviews Matter
Your online reputation is there for all the world to see whether you pay attention to it or not. Here is one online marketing expert's opinion as to why you need to pay attention to it.

CMS News: New Funds for Transitioning Patients from SNF to Home
New program provides funds to move patients from institutions to their homes.

SwyftOps Enters the Non-Medical Software Arena
One can measure the growth of the non-medical home care sector by the number of entrepreneurs building software for it. Here is another new one.

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As of this date, approximately 39,094,000 Baby Boomers have become Medicare eligible.


Last Week's Most-Read Stories:

Bi-Partisan Congressional Committees Demand CMS Administrator Repay Misspent Funds
Bi-partisan committees find Administrator used public funds to promote her personal brand.

Vendor Watch
— OperaCare's medical scribe system upgraded to video consultations, offering COVID safety and cost savings.
— AlayaCare successfully completes SOC 2 Type 1 certification

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