Volume 9, Number 44 September  2, 2020

Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague,

I am coming off an information high this week after attending "SAGE," the 2nd annual education event, virtual this year, put on by Honor. As last year, I expected it might be a 6-hour sales pitch for private duty home care agencies to join their system, but it was not that at all. We will summarize some of the excellent messages from the leading healthcare providers and analysts Honor brought together in upcoming issues. For this week, we offer four top experts of our own.

HIPAA in the News

When NGS issued its August 6 warning about a DC-area HIPAA consultant fraudulently representing itself as an official source of government risk assessment services, we shared it with you and thought that was the end of it. Not so fast, one legitimate HIPAA consultant told us. The problem of minimally trained, or even shady, operators defrauding healthcare providers is far more serious than one DC operation. If you are considering hiring help with your annual risk assessment, be sure to read Roger Shindell's tips on how to separate the wheat from the chaff in "OCR HIPAA Postcard Scam Warning Reveals Far Deeper Danger."



COVID Increases Need for Tech Solutions

Many of you know Linda Scott, RN. Now the owner of her own consulting agency for both home care and home health providers, Scott Solutions, the experienced agency executive, CHAP officer, and university professor is this week's first-time guest author. She sent us a powerful, timely essay explaining why the COVID pandemic increases the need for healthcare providers to deploy technology. Do not stop with practice management or EMR software, or even telehealth and patient/family engagement tools, she says. With more people working from home and more patients choosing home over institutional living, technology is more necessary than ever, and there are many more tools than these basic ones, Linda says. See "Rapid Technology Evolution Drives the In-House Skills Needed."

The MACs are Back

Our next two experts helped us interpret the return of claims auditing. Here's the problem, say John Reisinger, CPA, and Arnie Cisneros, PT: audits ceased because of the pandemic right as HHAs were sending claims for their first PDGM episodes. Now it is August and no PDGM claims have been audited, other than automated computer edits. Therefore, no corrective warnings have been sent, no useful education has been offered, and your errors and misinterpretations have gone unnoticed. So, instead of one month of mistakes, many HHAs could be facing the repercussions of eight. At the same time, your MAC is way behind reaping the profits that come from denying claims and referring questionable practices to ZPICs and RACs. In other words, watch out!



Large Hospice Makes Large Decision

In this week's Vendor Watch column, read our interview with execs from Haven Hospice in North Florida. They were forced to implement a new EMR when their software provider closed its post-acute division. In a rare but admirable step, they turned over the software selection decision to field and office staff. As many in that situation have done, they selected Netsmart's myUnity® system.



Home Care Buyer's Guide Gaining Momentum

You have seen our announcements. Now we are pleased to report that hundreds of you have begun to use our FREE online service that matches you with the tech vendors and consultants that best meet your needs. We have also been signing up more and more vendors as well. While The Guide will appropriately match you to every technology resource and consultant we have ever heard of, the following companies have signed on to a premium listing, which means you can read their company history and detailed product descriptions before asking The Guide to send an automatic RFI to them. Try out The Guide today.

MEDsys Software Solutions
AxisCare Home Care Software         
Champ SoftwareHomecare Homebase
Delta Health TechnologiesMatrixCare (Brightree, HealthcareFirst)         


Have a great, safe, healthy week. Keep making a difference!

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Tim Rowan

OCR HIPAA Postcard Scam Warning Reveals Far Deeper Danger
One shady HIPAA consulting firm sent out one postcard representing itself as something it is not. Ordinarily a news footnote, this event evoked a response from CMS and a warning from guest author and HIPAA consultant Roger Shindell that the post card is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Rapid Technology Evolution Drives the In-House Skills Needed
Beyond working to build a user community that is savvy of technology and possesses the adaptive attributes needed, companies will likely require some level of highly technical knowledge and skills in-house.

Audits Return After COVID Delay; Watch MACs & ZPICs Rush to Catch Up
There have been no claims reviews since PDGM started, thanks to COVID-19, until now. Do not think this is good news for HHAs.

Florida Hospice Selects Netsmart
Haven Hospice serves 18 Florida counties. Entire staff was empowered to make the software selection decision.

During the 3rd Quarter of 2020, web sites of the above advertisers were visited by home care and hospice executives and staff 3691 times.

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As of this date, approximately 38,863,000 Baby Boomers have become Medicare eligible.


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Vendor Watch
— HHAeXchange Wins New Jersey Aggregator Contract
— Amada Senior Care Franchise Network Selects AxisCare for Scheduling Software

New COVID Evidence Changes the Way Healthcare is Delivered
Scientists finally understand the difference between aerosols and droplets. In-home caregivers need to understand as well.

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