Volume 9, Number 43 July  8, 2020

Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague,

Will you join me online again tomorrow? The second in a 3-part series of free webinars sponsored by HealthRev Partners' brings together the financial experience of five experts. I will be interviewing them live about the financial implications of PDGM, COVID-19, and the possibility of reimbursed telehealth. Scroll down to our "Upcoming Events" section for a registration link and complete information. If you are not familiar with the Revenue Cycle Management services available from HealthRev Partners, a sponsor of this publication, this webinar will be an opportunity to hear from them. One of my panelists is Rachel Bracken, a financial consultant and company VP.

In this week's private duty news: SMARTcare has an EMR that includes EVV, patient engagement, analytics, and caregiver retention tools. Read in our Vendor Watch column about the Eau Claire, Wisconsin company's announcement of a new round of funding.

One way to deal with competition is to enhance your online reputation. But are you doing it right? Don't miss the latest entry in Roger McManus' series about online marketing: "Five Online Marketing Mistakes Home Care Agency Owners Make."

In this week's Medicare news: CMS is hosting an instructional session on new cost report rules. It starts tomorrow right after my webinar, so you can attend both! Back to our Vendor Watch column, look for a free download from WellSky with a checklist for agencies preparing for a survey during COVID-19.

CMS also won a court decision last month. After rescinding a provider's Medicare privileges and receiving their appeal, CMS promised to issue a redetermination in 15 days. Four months later, with no redetermination received and reserve funds dried up, the provider took CMS to court...and lost. Read home care attorney Elizabeth Hogue's analysis in "Court Leaves Medicare Suspension Decision to CMS."

Another of our sponsors, Homecare Homebase, has announced a partnership with Cipher Health to provide better communication with physicians and family. And Darcey Trescone has a message for her fellow nurses about using technology in "Technology and How We Practice Nursing."

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Have a great and healthy week. Keep making a difference!

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Tim Rowan

Five Online Marketing Mistakes Home Care Agency Owners Make
If your online reputation is so important, why do so many home care agencies not take better care of it?

Technology and How We Practice Nursing
COVID-19 has moved the needle with technology in nursing practice.

CMS News: New Cost Report Rules Explained
Important News for Medicare Part A providers and entities that file cost reports for providers. Medicare Learning Matters conference call.

Court Leaves Medicare Suspension Decision to CMS
Court refuses to penalize CMS for taking more than four months to make a determination, after promising 15 days.

Homecare Homebase and CipherHealth Form Partnership
Partnership adds new level of care, enhanced communication with physicians and family.

Vendor Watch: Software Startup Earns 3rd Round of Funding
— WellSky releases free COVID-19 White Paper by Cindy Campbell
— SMARTcare Software Raises Additional Venture Investment to Accelerate Growth

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As of this date, approximately 38,247,000 Baby Boomers have become Medicare eligible.


Last Week's Most-Read Stories:

Familiar Names, Longtime Software Execs Join/Rejoin Kantime
Welcome back to two old friends.

Where to Start With Telehealth after COVID
Our healthcare system adopted telehealth quickly due to COVID. The goal and vision for this technology, in many cases, was short-sided and only focused on getting through the COVID crisis. It leaves a lot of unanswered questions for how healthcare organizations will continue with this technology post-COVID.

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The 2020 Annual Conference of the Association for Home and Hospice Care of North Carolina

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FREE WEBINAR: The Family Caregiver Speaks Up! *

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Citus Health has teamed up with Tim Rowan of Rowan Consulting Associates to discuss the implications of its groundbreaking research on family caregiver satisfaction with hospice communication methods. In this webinar, we will take a deeper dive into the research results, discuss ways in which all home-based care providers can improve communication, and lay out the positive results providers can expect when they upgrade their communication methods.

Attendees will benefit by:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of what family caregivers want when it comes to communication with their hospice provider
  • Learning the proven roadmap to utilize technology that satisfies family caregiver real-time communication needs
  • Understanding the amazing, positive impact that real-time communication technology can have on CAHPS survey results, social reviews and referral source relationships
Melissa Kozak | CEO, Citus Health
Rob Stoltz | VP Business Development, Citus Health

Free Webinar: Preparation For A New Normal — Infection Control

Presented by: Savii

Featuring: James Cohen, CEO, Nevvon

Date: October 20
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This webinar is catered to home care agency owners, HR, operations, nursing and marketers.

You will learn:

Virtual Conference: Southwest Homecare and Hospice

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