Volume 9, Number 38 July  22, 2020

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Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague,

Have you taken our survey yet? Many subscribers have taken the two minutes to answer our four questions and the results so far are enlightening. We want to know if working at home has worked out for you well enough that you are considering keeping it going after the pandemic subsides. Surprisingly, many early responders are saying yes, they might keep some staff at home indefinitely. Your input will help so much to make the results relevant. Please click here and invest two minutes of your time to advance knowledge for all of us.

FREE WEBINAR, EPISODE 3: Join me tomorrow for part 3 of the educational series sponsored by HealthRev Partners, titled "How Coronavirus is Reshaping the Future of Home Health and Hospice." In the third and final episode, agency owners, consultants, and a Revenue Cycle Management advisor will discuss "Agency Leadership and Operations." I am honored to moderate a prestigious panel including Bill Simione, Michael Greenlee, Thomas Rocas, Kevin Kelly, and Georgia Hockenjos. Thursday at 2:00 EDT. Register here.


Home health sales: Speaking of adapting to COVID-19, staff writer Darcey Trescone dons her sales and marketing consultant hat and offers detailed suggestions that have worked for her clients. If you have anyone on your sales team who does not already subscribe, forward "Overcoming Sales Challenges During the COVID Pandemic" to them.

Home care marketing: Online marketing consultant Roger McManus continues his series helping home care agencies deal with competition. If your most urgent need is to achieve visibility in a crowded field, pay attention to his advice in "Dramatic Shifts in Online Visibility Impact Home Care Agencies."

Hospice during COVID: If you agree with me that hospice nurses are candidates for sainthood, what would you call a nurse who teaches and counsels hospice nurses? Longtime hospice nurse, agency owner, and author Barbara Karnes, RN, published brilliant advice for her colleagues frustrated by the inability to see their hospice patients in person and gave us permission to share her article with you. That was not enough for us. We called Barbara and captured enough of her wisdom to merit a second article of its own. Every hospice worker needs to hear her recommendations for ways to care for the dying and their families, even when they will not permit you entry to their homes. Barbara's article is "How to Say Goodbye When You Are Not There." Our interview with her is titled "Expert Advises Hospices How to Adapt to Social Distancing."

Home Health Regulations: CMS seems to be growing weary of the pandemic too. Administrator Seema Verma has announced that Medicare audits and the Review Choice Demonstration will both pick up again on August 3. Providers in demonstration states will only have from August 3rd to the 17th to make their choice among three demonstration formats.

Lots of news this week but something for everyone. Pick one or two that are relevant to your world. And remember, we need and appreciate your feedback. Write to us with your comments at editor@homecaretechreport.com.


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Have a healthy week. Keep making a difference!

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CMS News: Audits to Resume August 3
In response to concerns from providers and association representatives, CMS published a Q&A page about its plans to return to pre-pandemic regulations and routines.

How to Say Goodbye When You Are Not There
People today are dying alone. What can anyone say to their loved ones that might help? Award-winning hospice authority Barbara Karnes, RN, has some suggestions.

Expert Advises Hospices How to Adapt to Social Distancing
If you have been separated from someone who is dying, or if you work with families in that situation during our disastrous pandemic, take a moment to get to know Barbara Karnes, RN, one of our nation's most-respected hospice consultants.

Overcoming Sales Challenges During the COVID Pandemic
It is time to rethink sales and be more strategic in our approach to sales and marketing during this era of forced social distancing. Donning her sales consultant hat, Darcey Trescone shares strategies that have worked for her clients.

Dramatic Shifts in Online Visibility Impact Home Care Agencies
Over the last 24 months some significant changes in consumer behavior with regard to online consumer research. This particularly impacts home care where the industry is years behind in using this free resource of business.

Vendor Watch: New COVID-19 Tool
— Evolution Health partners with Dina to automate employee wellness checks amid coronavirus

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As of this date, approximately 38,401,000 Baby Boomers have become Medicare eligible.


Last Week's Most-Read Stories:

Let Your Customers Write Your Advertising
You read reviews before choosing a hotel or restaurant. What makes you think people do not read your reviews before calling you? Do you know how to leverage that social media era human trait?

Vendor Watch: Swift Medical Integrates Digital Wound Care Solution with Homecare Homebase
Product integration said to enable high-quality, cost efficient care.

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Not only is the home care industry under tremendous clinical pressure, but you are also likely feeling a financial squeeze. Because of this, forward-thinking agency leaders are exploring new strategies and opportunities to remain solvent. In this webinar, our panelists will chat about ways to achieve financial success when so many are struggling. They will discuss:
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Many leaders confess that they have forgotten their greatness or feel lost in a sea of sameness, amongst a fiercely competitive set. They say they struggle with what words will resonate or feel “salesy” when asked, “What do you do?”

Thanks to the pace of technology, we have less than seconds to connect, therefore, it’s no longer all about what you do for a living and the quantifiable goals you achieved;  it’s much more about what you stand for, the legacy you want to leave and building trust expeditiously with your tribe.

 If 82% of people make buying decisions based on emotion (Capgemini), what emotive messages are you sending?

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