Volume 9, Number 38 June  3, 2020

Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague,

Well, this week it is unsafe to leave my house for two reasons instead of one. That has provided the time to dig more deeply into the news, and there is a lot of it, so let's get right to it.

This week's top headline is Netsmart's acquisition of QIRT. Read our interview with Netsmart VP Kevin Scalia and McBee President Mike Dordick. QIRT will bring its 130 employees into the McBee consulting division, which Netsmart acquired one year ago. Founder Laura Page-Greifinger, BSN, MPA, will remain in a consultative role.

CMS regularly updates its temporary rules to accommodate the needs of Medicare providers until the pandemic emergency is over. We were curious about home health not being specifically mentioned in the most recent update to telehealth usage regulations so we asked them. Their response is as revealing as it is confusing. Read "Hundreds of Rules Eased Until Emergency Ends" in our "CMS News" column, below.

News for all: Home Care, HHA, Hospice

Speaking of telehealth, have you noticed that people in your circles, whether co-workers or family members, are more stressed, maybe even more panicky, after months of staying safer at home? Talking with a professional can help, but many are reluctant to go out to get to a therapist's office. We think of video visits as a tool to be used with the elderly infirm, but staff writer Darcey Trescone this week tracked down the founder of a telementalhealth company who has seen a marked uptick in requests for consultations. Read Darcey's interview with Coletta Dorado, Founder & CEO of AZZLY, Inc. below in "COVID-19 Pandemic Drives Need for More Mental Health Services, and Software to Support It."

If cost has been your obstacle to implementing a Customer Relationship Management software tool, you will want to read our product review of "Isoratec CRM." Newly released to the U.S. post-acute care market, this tool offers most of the features of the top-tier systems but at a lower price point. Click below on "CRM for Everyone."

Everyone who works on a computer has learned to remain alert for phishing emails. It has never been easy to identify them but it is much harder now. There are many times more attempts than there used to be, and the hackers trying to steal personal information are getting better at it. The latest technique is to spoof the World Health Organization. Read our report, "STOP! Is That Email REALLY From the W.H.O.?," to protect your workers from this new attack identified by "Abnormal Security."

Lastly, check out our Vendor Watch column for a report on a free tool from eSolutions to help providers transition to the use of Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers.

Worth the Trip (to your computer screen)

We told you last week about the NAHC Financial Managers Conference going virtual. They are not the only ones. Scroll down toward the bottom of this page to see some interesting education opportunities coming to your laptop.

Have a healthy week. Keep making a difference!

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Tim Rowan

Netsmart Acquires QIRT
We spoke with Netsmart's Kevin Scalia and McBee's Mike Dordick to learn how the New York-based coding and consulting service will operate within McBee, acquired in May, 2019.

CMS News: Hundreds of Rules Eased Until Emergency Ends
Temporary home health telehealth regulations for COVID-19 look a lot like pre-COVID regulations. "You can use it all you want, but we're not going to pay for it."

STOP! Is That Email REALLY From the W.H.O.?
The pandemic has lowered the natural suspicion level of many people. Phishing scams are taking advantage. Warn your staff and co-workers to be vigilant before clicking.

Product Review: COVID-19 Pandemic Drives Need for More Mental Health Services, and Software to Support It
The economic, political, physical, and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have only exacerbated the needs of an already underserved portion of the post-acute care market. Many mental health providers are still managing internally on mostly paper processes, the idea that telemedicine or automation would be a priority was not something many providers budgeted or planned.

Product Review: CRM for Everyone
Startup software company, founded by home care veteran, believes CRM should be feature-filled but affordable.

eSolutions Provides Free MBI Lookup Tool for Healthcare Providers
In response to COVID-19's overwhelming burden on healthcare providers, eSolutions offers clients a tool to ensure easier MBI transition, timely reimbursement.

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As of this date, approximately 37,862,000 Baby Boomers have become Medicare eligible.


Last Week's Most-Read Stories:

Coronavirus Considerations for Home Care Agencies
Honor gave us permission to reproduce their advice to their partners, private duty home care agencies.

CMS Explains Details of OASIS-E Delay
CMS explains how it will determine the new start date for OASIS-E.

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Virtual Conference: Virtual Summit on Health System Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The Nation’s Health System Leaders Engage in a Real-Time Dialogue on Pandemic Recovery and the Future of Health Care in America

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The Nation’s Health System Leaders Engage in a Real-Time Dialogue on Pandemic Recovery and the Future of Health Care in America

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FREE WEBINAR: COVID-19 Forum: How Coronavirus is Reshaping Home Health and Hospice Financial Operations *

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Date: July 9
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Not only is the home care industry under tremendous clinical pressure, but you are also likely feeling a financial squeeze. Because of this, forward-thinking agency leaders are exploring new strategies and opportunities to remain solvent. In this webinar, our panelists will chat about ways to achieve financial success when so many are struggling. They will discuss:
Bobby Robertson | President & Founder, Missouri Home Hospice
Chip Carroll | Director of Strategy & Business Development, Playmaker Health
Holly Miller Chief Revenue Officer, Playmaker Health
John Reisinger | Principal, Innovative Financial Solutions for Home Health
Rachel Bracken | Vice President of Services, HealthRev Partners
Moderated by Tim Rowan | Editor, Healthcare at Home: The Rowan Report

Part III: "Agency Leadership and Operations" is set for July 23.

Virtual Conference: NAHC Financial Managers Annual Meeting

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Thanks to the pace of technology, we have less than seconds to connect, therefore, it’s no longer all about what you do for a living and the quantifiable goals you achieved;  it’s much more about what you stand for, the legacy you want to leave and building trust expeditiously with your tribe.

 If 82% of people make buying decisions based on emotion (Capgemini), what emotive messages are you sending?

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