Volume 9, Number 44 June  24, 2020

Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague,

One last reminder to join me today, Wednesday the 24th, at 2:00 EDT for what I consider to be an extremely valuable webinar, especially for private duty home care organizations. One of our sponsors, Savii, is hosting Roger McManus and me so we can teach our technique of leveraging the free, billion-dollar platform created for you by Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, and many other Internet-based search and review services. Online Reputation Marketing is more important today than ever. We'll show you how to do supercharge your online reputation, with only a modest time investment. Register here. (If you can't make it, register anyway and Savii will send you the recorded version.)

Leaning back toward the home health side, join me on Thursday when I will serve as moderator for a stellar panel of experts discussing post-COVID clinical practices, a free webinar courtesy of another sponsor, HealthRev Partners, the Revenue Cycle Management experts. You will not want to miss the insights that will be shared by Christine Flynn of the Hospice of Michigan, our own Darcey Trescone, RN, BSN, Kathy Piette, CEO of wound care technology company Corstrata, and Mary McCammon from AbilisHealth. This first of a three-part series, each with a different focus and different experts on the panel, will begin at 2:00 pm EDT, Thursday, June 25 and continue July 9 and 23. Register here.

In this week's news

Even though COVID-19 cases are surging in some states, people are wondering what a post-pandemic healthcare world will look like. Staff writer Darcey Trescone found a brilliant resource about remote patient monitoring. Its use has surged but will healthcare providers and payers and regulators recognize its advantages by continuing to encourage its use if and when the world returns to normal? If they do, will home health and home care providers know how to manage the technology to its greatest advantage? Read Darcey's report on a study by AMD Global Telemedicine, accompanied by expert commentary from telehealth consultant Karen Thomas. Scroll down and click on "Where to Start with Telehealth After COVID."

We thought you would want to know that CMS is using COVID as a reason to accelerate its plans to switch to value-based payments. This will impact Medicare providers and anyone who works with Medicare Advantage and, eventually, Managed Care Organizations and Medicaid. Click on our "CMS News" column, below.

Billion Dollar Bully?

Have you ever gotten a lousy review on Yelp and tried to get it removed? Didn't work, did it? Have you ever created a business page on Yelp and suddenly started getting three or more sales calls every week, asking you to advertise? Our resident online marketing expert, Roger McManus explains why. He was interviewed for the new documentary "The Billion Dollar Bully," and is better than most at explaining how Yelp operates. We give you a link to the movie trailer too. Roger's analysis, below, is titled, "Why Yelp Doesn't Lose in Court."

Sony in Healthcare?

Lastly, keep your eye on Sony subsidiary Takeoff Point LLC. The entertainment giant is entering the wearable remote patient monitoring market with a new wristwatch, the mSafety Wearable Platform. They will provide it to healthcare organizations, not consumers. We interviewed a product manager to get the inside scoop. Read "Sony Moves into Healthcare with High-Tech Wearable," below.

Check out Vendor Watch. We are pleased to welcome back two good, longtime friends who have been away for a while.

One last quick reminder. When you land on our web site to read this week's articles, remember that we have a search engine you can use to find every article posted since 2005. Just pick a key word, or the name of a vendor or agency -- even your own -- and see what comes up. Many people new to home care and hospice have told me the history there gives them a good basic education about our industry.

Have a safe and healthy week. Keep making a difference!

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Tim Rowan

Where to Start With Telehealth after COVID
Our healthcare system adopted telehealth quickly due to COVID. The goal and vision for this technology, in many cases, was short-sided and only focused on getting through the COVID crisis. It leaves a lot of unanswered questions for how healthcare organizations will continue with this technology post-COVID.

Why Yelp Doesn't Lose in Court
Negative reviews of your business, even when they are untrue or posted by a malicious competitor or angry former employee, are extremely difficult to delete. A Yelp expert explains why, and compares your dilemma with the current controversy over falsehoods posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Familiar Names, Longtime Software Execs Join/Rejoin Kantime
Welcome back to two old friends.

CMS News: COVID-19 Inspires New Push for A Value-Based Payment System
Pandemic that will not end requires a faster shift to value-based Medicare payment systems, Seema Verma says.

Sony Expands Healthcare Presence with Wearable Device, Platform
Sony's new IoT wearable connects to vital sign devices and needs no nearby cell phone. The company is seeking healthcare partners to try its mSafety wristwatch with their patients.

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Last Week's Most-Read Stories:

Vivify App Screens Agency Staff for COVID-19 Daily
Every employee, every shift, easily reports temperature and any symptoms through a simple phone app, raising safety levels for patients and employees.

ATA to Testify to Congress Wednesday
Incoming American Telemedicine Association president Dr. Joseph Kvedar tells Senate committee why they should keep telehealth going after the pandemic. In this report, links to the letter from 30 Senators to Sens. McConnell and Schumer; HELP Committee chair's white paper on telehealth; and ATA membership information.

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