Volume 10, Number 44 December  15, 2021

Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague,

You still have time to weigh in on our national EVV Satisfaction Survey. We will keep it open for another week and have the results analyzed for publication in early January. We are doing this to help you determine whether you are alone in your opinions about EVV mandates and the way in which states have implemented them, as well as to initiate a national dialog on the subject. The information you generate will be especially important as EVV requirements expand to include Medicare providers. The survey is open to both healthcare providers and EVV tech companies and aggregators. Please share this link with your entire staff and ask them to set aside five minutes today to have their voices heard.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QKGTQNB



As the portion of the HRSA grant known as "Flex For Checks" reaches its goal of getting thousands of home care workers and their patients vaccinated, they asked us to thank every executive who registered their agency to participate in the grant, as well as every in-home caregiver who got their shots and signed up their patients and clients to do the same. There may be a few grant dollars left. Click the link above to get the latest report from their web site.

Flex For Checks paid home care workers $25 for every shot they registered and paid $50 for every shot received, both by clients and workers themselves. Agencies also received $25 per shot registered through their participant ID number. One enthusiastic vaccination advocate got a check for $25,000 for her efforts to spread the word around her Florida community. (See our September interview with Thelma.) If you did not participate, keep an eye on the court cases that continue to toss vaccine mandates for healthcare workers back and forth like a ping pong ball. When it is all settled, chances are good that one regulatory body or another will find a way to solve the problem of 30 percent of healthcare workers still remaining unvaccinated.

Regarding the hidden consequences of remaining unvaccinated, scroll down to see this week's reprint of a report by insurance industry veteran Wendell Potter about the growing number of health insurers ending their practice of waving deductibles and co-pays for COVID care.



Help Keep Seniors Home

We heard a startling statistic this week. Almost one-third of Americans over age 65 fall each year, with one-third of those falls requiring medical treatment at an estimated price tag of $30,000 per hospital stay. Accessibility remodeling costs approximately $4,400 per house, reduces the number of falls, and saves payers so much it should be eligible for a tax rebate, just like solar panels and electric cars. Be sure to read staff writer Darcey Trescone's insightful interview with Louis Tenenbaum, contractor, home modification advocate, and founder of The HomesRenewed™ Coalition.


On the Hill

Speaking of advocacy for keeping seniors at home, NAHC sent us an update on their ongoing effort, with the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare, to gather support for the Choose Home Care Act of 2021 (S. 2562/H.R. 1544). Bill Dombi mentioned that it may come up again as part of another bill as early as February, so it is important to contact your representatives and Senators now and remind them that extending the home care benefit will save more than it costs.

More imminently, the return of the 2 percent sequestration cut to all federal budgets has been delayed again, and there is a strong possibility that across-the-board Medicare reimbursement cuts set to take effect next month will also be canceled, or at least postponed. A bill to stop the cuts passed the House and is coming up for a vote in the Senate soon. Read about the details by scrolling down and clicking on "NAHC Bullish on Medicare Payment Bill."


Worth the Trip

Have you registered for next February's Home Care 100 yet? Here is the link to join us in Scottsdale, February 6-9. Home Care providers should also take note of a NAHC gathering dedicated to your sector. The "Private Duty Leadership Summit" will take place February 22-24 on Hilton Head Island

Lastly, keep an eye on Aveanna Healthcare. They announced yet another acquisition this week. Scroll down to read their news release.

Have a great week and a love-filled Christmas and Holiday Season. We will all be with family too. Except for our traditional "Most-Read Stories of the Year" edition between Christmas and New Year's Eve, and barring any breaking news that can't wait, we will see you again in 2022. Keep making a difference all year, as you have done so well in 2021!

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Tim Rowan

Aging in Place With Home Modifications
Almost one-third of Americans over age 65 fall each year, with one-third of those falls requiring medical treatment at an estimated price tag of $30,000 per hospital stay. Medicare and Medicaid shoulder 75% of those costs. Accessibility remodeling, costing approximately $4,400 per house, could reduce the number of falls by 20% for those over 65 and 40% for those over 75.

Out-of-Pocket Costs for Covid Treatment are on the Rise
Insurance industry watcher Wendell Potter identifies another reason to protect yourself from COVID-19: treatment will soon become extremely expensive.

After Accredited, Aveanna Acquires Another Agency Already
Comfort Care, of Alabama and Tennessee, is Atlanta company's second acquisition this month.

NAHC Bullish on Medicare Payment Bill
Medicare payment cuts to providers likely to be delayed.

Global Report on Remote Patient Monitoring Set for March Release
Signify Research pre-announced the release of a major study of the use and effectiveness of telehealth around the globe.

Vendor Watch
— Rainbow Health enhances its care coordination functionality.

During the 1st Quarter of 2022, web sites of the above advertisers were visited by home care and hospice executives and staff 5167 times.

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As of this date, approximately 44,022,000 Baby Boomers have become Medicare eligible.


Last Week's Most-Read Stories:

AlayaCare/Delta Announcement Inspires Memory Lane Trip
Last week's acquisition announcement centered on the future, but Keith Crownover's 40 years at Delta cannot be allowed to end quietly. Editor Tim Rowan shares some personal memories.

Aveanna Healthcare Acquires Accredited Home Care
Braff Group facilitates another major home care acquisition.

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