Volume 9, Number 44 January  29, 2020

Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague,

Like many of you, we thought Tom and Jennifer Maxwell formed their consulting firm, Maxwell Healthcare Associates, exclusively to help Medicare home health agencies implement EMR software and help them learn to use it effectively. For this reason, we would not be surprised if an eyebrow or two were raised -- as ours were -- by this week's big announcement that MHA will start helping the personal care clients of software company Savii. This expansion into private duty is quite a hard right turn for the former Homecare Homebase executive and his partner. Perhaps it explains why Jennifer told me at Homecare 100 that they are looking to hire dozens more consultants. We wish them the best; it's a partnership between good folks. Read their joint announcement below in "Savii Partners with Maxwell Healthcare Associates."

CMS News

Both private duty and medical providers will take away some ideas from the processes put in place by some of our largest HHAs to cope with CMS's new payment system, PDGM. The innovations are operational, collaborative, and enriched by data analysis. They might benefit every healthcare provider. We listened to several of the executives who implemented them at the Homecare 100 gathering and spoke to one of them in depth. Scroll down and click on "Bayada Huddles to Confront PDGM."

When a CMS contractor accuses you of fraud, waste, or abuse, you have the right to appeal the determination. During the lengthy appeal process, is it legal to force you to return the full contested amount to the government, assuming you will lose the appeal two or three years later? Or should you be allowed to hold and use the funds until your case is adjudicated by the Administrative Law Judge? This question has been presented to court after court in recent years. The problem is that every other decision reverses the previous one. Guest author and home care attorney Elizabeth Hogue tells us about the most recent court decision. Click on "Recoupments of Alleged Overpayments Before ALJ Hearings," below. Reminder: to read about the previous cases on this topic Elizabeth has tracked for us, go to our home page at http://homecaretechreport.com, find the "Search" tool, and type "Hogue" into the search field.

Review Choice Demonstration is underway in Texas, set for a March 2 deadline. North Carolina and Florida are next. We have links to the CMS FAQ pages in "Review Choice: Not to Decide is to Decide."

I hope you find this week's coverage useful. To learn more about all of the services we offer, go to RowanResources.com.

Have a great week. Keep making a difference!


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Bayada Huddles to Confront PDGM
The home health provider's clinical procedure adjustments helped patients so much, they kept them in place even after PDGM was delayed a year.

Update on Recoupments of Alleged Overpayments Before ALJ Hearings
The legal pendulum has swung back in favor of Medicare healthcare providers. A Texas court called the HHS argument "so ludicrous as to be specious."

Review Choice: Not to Decide is to Decide
The choice selection period for Texas HHAs began on January 15 and will end on February 13. Review Choice begins on March 2. North Carolina and Florida are next.

Savii Partners with Maxwell Healthcare Associates
Minneapolis-based consulting firm will provide Private Duty implementation and training services

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As of this date, approximately 36,476,000 Baby Boomers have become Medicare eligible.


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The Forgotten Home Care Team: Marketing
It is the role of leadership to ensure marketing does not get lost in the regulatory compliance shuffle, and that clear direction and tools are available to your liaisons, that will drive your business forward in 2020.

PDGM is Here, Now What?
Guest author Cheryl Peltekis, RN, weighs in with specific strategies for home health owners hearing all the fears that PDGM will destroy cash flow and put 1/3 of agencies out of business.

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