Volume 7, Number 44 November  14, 2018

Dear Healthcare at Home Colleague,

We have something for everyone this week. First, we here at the Rowan Report wish every one of you a happy Thanksgiving. Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Celebrate family. Celebrate our nation's ideals. And remember that "moderation in all things" includes turkey, football, alcohol, and dinnertime political discussions.

We have a guest author this week who asks an interesting question. John Corrigan wants to know what the best relationship is between medical and non-medical services? Are they mutually exclusive? Can they co-exist with the same patient during the same time period? During my own mother's final year, she gained great comfort from a non-medical caregiver while she was within a Medicare episode and later in-home hospice. Is this a common practice? Or are Medicare providers, as Corrigan asks, "afraid" of private duty? 

If that question is not within your wheelhouse, we also have two studies for CIOs and IT professionals. Do you already know everything you need to know about Wi-Fi 6? How about dual-SIM smartphones? You should. We help you get started. Click on the headlines below.

For Medicare providers, check out our reprint of the latest self pat-on-the-back from CMS. They have charts that show how well they have responded to a 2010 law, "The Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act." Their statement begs the unaddressed question, "When a Medicare contractor declares a payment 'improper,' are they always correct?" Be sure to click on this week's CMS News column below.

That is the news summary for this week. Let me leave you with two important reminders:

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  • this report has been electronic since 2005, after switching from paper and PDF versions. During those nearly 14 years, we have never deleted a single news story. We have, however, built a search engine into our home page at homecaretechreport.com. Whenever you need to do research, give it a try. We will reach the 3,000 article milestone sometime next year so there has to something there that will assist your quest to learn everything about home care's recent history.
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Have a great week. Keep expressing your gratitude and making a difference!



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Does Home Health Fear Private Duty? Or Just Misunderstand It?
Guest author John Corrigan asks, "When a patient could benefit from non-medical aide or homemaker services during or after a PPS episode, do you provide them yourself, refer the patient out, or ignore it?"

CMS News: Fewer Improper Payments in 2018
What CMS identifies as improper payments includes both real fraud and inaccurate findings of fraud by contractor error. As it slaps itself on the back for its success, CMS does not specify what percentage of payments might move from "Improper" to "Proper" if healthcare providers still enjoyed access to the ALJ appeals system.

Wi-Fi 6 is Coming; What IT Departments Should Be Doing Now
From DOS to Windows, from laptops to tablets, healthcare has always adapted to keep pace with advancing technology. Will it be ready for the next step forward: Wi-Fi 6?

Should Home Care Invest in Dual-SIM Phones?
The growing availability of phones that can accommodate two SIM cards is pushing price points down to home care budget territory.

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As of this date, approximately 31,625,000 Baby Boomers have become Medicare eligible.

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