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Message from Healthcare Execs: Change is Inevitable, Your Task is Clear
Now that it is certain healthcare reform is here to stay and that the Affordable Care Act is likely to remain the form it will take, every healthcare provider -- especially providers of healthcare at home -- who decides to continue to operate in ways that have brought success in the past will likely be closed or acquired within five years, very likely much sooner. Executives from Kaiser, LHC Group, Simione Consultants and others delivered a message you need to hear.
Protect Yourself Against Negative Bias in the Online World
It is human nature. Happy patients and customers tell you, unhappy ones go online and tell the world the horrible things you did to them. There are ways to protect yourself from this fact of 21st century life. In part three of his 8-part series on Reputation Management, guest author Roger McManus details the problem. Next week: what you can do about it.
Some Nurses Chart in the Home Twice as Often as Other Nurses
One of the major problems facing healthcare at home providers is clinical documentation accuracy. Inaccuracy can become extremely expensive but its primary cause is preventable. Clinicians are always more accurate when they complete paperwork in the presence of the patient. Anything that can be done, via policy, encouragement, or providing better software, can help. One software company has determined that its clinical application is part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
Here We Go Again: Feds' H.E.A.T. Strike Force Arrests 713 Doctors, Nurses, Home Health Execs
Medicare fraud is still big business, even in the crackdown era of MACs, ZPICs, and Recovery Audit Contractors. Among those arrested were physicians, nurses, skilled nursing facility owners, and home health administrators.
Reader Feedback on Last Week's Bosch Announcement
Rarely have we received as much response to a news article as we have been getting since we were the first to report that Bosch Healthcare had abruptly abandoned the home telehealth market. Here we print without comment the remarks of ATA CEO Jonathan Linkous and many other respected industry participants and watchers, many with familiar names you will immediately recognize.
Bosch Feedback on Last Week's Bosch Announcement
After we reported that the phones were not being answered in Palo Alto, we received this statement from the PR department at Robert Bosch LLC's Farmington Hills, Michigan office.
Are You Claiming Tax Credits Due to You for Every New Hire?
Tax credits are available to employers for almost every new hire into a for-profit company. One firm that helps home healthcare companies find state and federal credits will announce software enhancements at next week's NAHC Financial Managers meeting. Their software now integrates with all home health and home care EMRs, automating the paperwork and making the free money almost automatic. This article includes the story of one home care staffing agency that filled out a few forms and received a credit of over a half million dollars.

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